Saturday, September 15, 2012

Game Day Photos

It's game day here!!!  The Razorbacks are playing, Brad got me tickets for my birthday, and the game is televised and the kids are going to watch it at home with Uncle Kellen!!
All of the kids are dressed in their Hog gear and looking SO cute.  Perfect photo opt.... right?!?!
Now, if I could just get the 3 kids to sit still, all look at the camera at the same time, and all smile....
that would be nice but..... that's almost impossible with....
A wiggly, "doesn't want to sit still" baby
A 5 year old that is trying to help but would rather not have to pose for a picture....
And a 3 year old that is DETERMINED to make the baby stay still!
Look Mom, he isn't screaming anymore.... Cheese!!!
Hey Mom, I'm free now.... what were you saying you wanted me to do?
Ok kids, seriously, can ya'll just stand there, since Ethan won't sit, and let me take your picture?!?!
I'm trying to smile but Sister has a death grip under my arms...
Addyson, LET ME GO!!!!
And all that is left.... a smile on our little cheerleader's face...... the boys.... they are DONE!!!  Hence Owen giving me his back side! : )
And Ethan moved on to eating the football.  WHAT a mess..... I hope this isn't foreshadowing how our game is going to be played!!!  Brad and I are off to watch the game in the rain with friends!
Note- I purchased Ethan's football jersey onesie almost a year ago!!!  Target had it on sale around November and I said to Brad, "Won't it be cute to see him toddling around in this next year?!?!"  And now look, he is toddling around in it and is super cute!!!! I can't believe this year, Ethan's first year, is flying by!!!

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