Wednesday, September 26, 2012


The school year is off to a great start!  Owen doesn't ever remember what they did that day (even though his teacher told me they go over everything before they leave that day because she knows we are going to ask the kids!!) but thanks to the MANY papers that come home, I get a pretty good idea of what Owen is learning and doing.
I had NO idea our "paper mess" in our house was going to more than double when we had a child in school.  I better get a good grip on it now or I will be overwhelmed with paper in 2 years when Addyson starts!
Owen hasn't had "homework" until this point but he does come home and do "homework", that's what he calls it.  He loves to practice what he learned that day.  He'll write out a bunch of letters and ask what they spell.  Or write a bunch of numbers and ask what they add up to.  He is a busy guy when he comes home!  He also likes to do it first thing in the morning!
He did get his first project to work on.  We had to decorate a paper plate that had the words "I Shine" on the top of it and then numbers 1-3.  I asked Owen what we were suppose to do.... talk about things HE shines at OR THINGS that shine.  I thought it was the first idea but Owen insisted it was the second.  So, we went to work cutting things out of magazines that shine.  Look at that concentration!
We put the plate together, took it to school, and found out we did it wrong!  I was right.  The problem is, the teacher just sent home the plate and no instructions.  Ugh!  So she gave us a new plate and we have to work on that so we can get it back asap.... the teacher will be decorating their class door with all of their plates.  Oh well.... we had fun working on the first project and we'll have fun working on the other project..... and I'm sure this is just the first of many projects I'll get wrong over everyone's school career!
The other thing we have to work on with Owen are his letters, matching up the upper case and lower case letters, as well as his snappy words and color words.  The problem I find is that by the time he gets home he is DONE.... he doesn't have the energy to sit down with me and work on these things.  He also doesn't like to learn from me.... I'm wrong....funny isn't it.... he knows better.... at 5........#reasonwhyhomeschoolingforusisntgood...... so I try not to fight it.  I have found that going over a few things in the morning before school is working better so that is what we do.  I have taped his snappy words to the fridge and we can go over them quickly as he walks by.... works for now!
All of this learning, working on things, and focus on Owen's projects has inspired Addyson to get in on the fun.  She sat down and drew an "A"!  I was shocked!  She is catching on to more than I realized.  Maybe Owen can homeschool Addyson in kindergarten then I won't have to send her away! ; )

It isn't all just letters and numbers..... Owen drew this picture of a Razorback guy with big blacks in his eyes..... he said, "Mom, that black stuff is his puke."  Puke?  Oh.... pupil!  Funny guy!  It has been fun seeing ALL that he is learning!  We are off to a great start!

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