Friday, September 21, 2012

iPhone PIcs of the Week

 Eating mommy's gift... his way of helping me open it!
 Birthday picture and hugs!
 Riding in Owie's chair.... how I bribed her to let me fix a ponytail!
 HARD to get to this peaceful slumber but SO sweet once he gets there!
 Addyon's 2 of 5 bad choices made within minutes..... UGH!
 First Sam's sample
Our soccer star.... 3 goals in the first half!
 She dressed herself.... and insisted on wearing heels to school...she actually wore them all day!
 He gives kisses.... on request and without a request.... Best Birthday Gift Ever!
 Being the youngest is hard!
 Being a kindergartener is also hard!
 Snacking after school with friends
 Saving a grasshopper
 Playing with the big kids!
 Water table fun!
 Yummy lunch!!!!  Dinosaur turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomatoes is what's or lunch!
 Spiced apple sampling at Owen's school
Nammie, is that for me?!?!

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