Sunday, September 2, 2012

Labor Day Celebration

One of the reasons we choose to camp at Compton Ridge on Labor Day weekend is because we heard they are known for their Labor Day activity day!!!  They have tons of events planned throughout the day and we were excited to take the kids to the fun.  I saw that the clowns came at 11:30 so I thought the whole thing kicked-off at 11:30.....
We  even stalled the kids as long as possible at our campsite waiting for 11:30!!!  We got there exactly "on time" to find out that the face painting ended at 11:30..... OH NO!!!!  Owen broke into tears.  I didn't know what to do.  I was so frustrated with myself for missing that.  The campground sent out flyers and even have a large sign at the entrance... how did I not see the times before 11:30???
I spent some time trying to talk Owen into all of the other things going on but he had been waiting ALL morning to get his face painted!!!  We saw the manager at breakfast and her face was painted like a puppy and she was telling the kids all of the face painting options.  Owen was so excited to get his face painted like a pirate and now.... his dream was being crushed thanks to mom misreading the flyer.  Times like this I wish Brad didn't rely so much on me telling him the plane for the day... I wish someone double checked me every now and then.... especially times when I'm going on little sleep!!!
Well Ms. Diana heard Owen crying and noticed that my consoling wasn't helping and just as Brad and I were trying to figure out if we could somehow pay someone to throw a bit of paint on the kids' faces.... Ms. Diana said to Owen, "If I paint your face, will you quit crying?  I can't stand to see kids cry."  Whew!!!  At that moment Ms. Diana became my saving grace!  Addyson went first and wanted to be a bunny and wanted Ms. Diana to use every color on her palate..... and the end adorable colorful bunny.... a very happy one!!! : )
Then it was Owen's time..... finally!!!!  Little guy was going to get his face painted after all!!!!
End result.... one very happy pirate.... and a very happy and relieved mommy!!! : )
.... and a dad, uncle, and aunt that are able to enjoy their beer instead of trying to figure out how to break the news to Owen that his face is not going to get painted today.... thanks to his mom....
I think we have one happy camper!!!  Isn't that cutest pirate face painting you've ever seen?  I thought it was so creative!
Then the kids got to get balloons from the clowns.
Color camp t-shirts
And eat lunch!!!  They had plate lunches for $2!!!!!  A great deal!!!  And I should mention that everything besides the t-shirts was free!!!!
That made us all happy!!! : )
Well most of us were happy for most of the time.... Addyson was fine until she saw the balloon that Owen picked out.... a wand with that cool purple balloon on top... and then she wanted THAT balloon and not what she picked out.  That's the reason why I try to steer the kids in the direction of each getting the same thing or at least knowing in advance what the other sibling is going to get so they know that option.
Luckily she was easily distracted by the sidewalk chalk competition!  Each kid (or group of kids) got a bag of chalk and a board to draw on and then there would be a vote to see who one.
It was a bit hot for me... and I had been managing the kids to that point so I sent Brad out in the sun and I stayed and chilled this time!!!  It was so nice having my brother and his wife there!  Since they live in St. Louis now (and in Nashville earlier for school) we don't get to see them as often as I'd like.  Knowing we were going to be halfway to there place, I asked them if they wanted to come day for a day or night to hang out and they ended up coming for 2 nights!!!!  SO much fun!
Owen is really into drawing these days so he loved this activity!
Trying to beat the heat!
This was the last activity for the morning.... there will be more activities later this evening.  It was actually just enough to do and the right amount of time to be in the heat before the kids got hot, tired, and cranky! The kids finished up their drawing.... we never heard who won....and we headed back to our site.
Time to put our feet up and relax.... and when you don't have kids... cranky kids.... to put to bed you get to relax that much longer... must be nice!! ; )
The kids were done!!!  Can you tell???  I think this picture is SO funny... his mustache is cracking me up!
How and sweaty doesn't even begin to describe how we felt.  We were a bit spoiled the past couple of days with the rainy, cool weather..... if felt like fall.  Today felt like a hot summer day.  The ac was calling our name!!
Addyson.... are you done???  Ready for a nap????   Sure looks like it!!
Oh were just tricking me?!!?  : )
What do we do before nap time????  Go potty.  When the baby is sleeping in the camper and mom wants to make sure all is quiet I guess you just use the outside potty.....
I went in to check on them and found this... how cute are they all passed out with their faces painted, balloons beside them, and their newly purchased pool noodle.  The sight of kids that have had a great morning and are worn out!
The kids aren't the only ones that took a nap!!!  All of us did!!!  I was the only smart adult that slept inside with the kids in the ac!!!!  Felt SO good!!!  We all needed to rest up for our evening of fun!
Oh, I guess while I was sleeping and before they all passed out... they decided to give my new ride a spin!
I think Emily approves!!!  Of my new ride and of our camping fun!!!!  What a great Labor Day Celebration!

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