Sunday, September 16, 2012

Last Birthday Celebration

My last day of officially celebrating my birthday has come.... and I'm thankful.... I'm exhausted!  I don't think I could "party" anymore!  It is Sunday and I think I'm going to need Monday to re-coop!  We had my family over for lunch... Brad put on an amazing spread and I'm glad he was in charge.... I really had NO energy to do anything.  I barely got around to picking up before everyone came over...., see, I cleaned my house really good last weekend and then I took the week off... I deserve it, right?!?!  I'm glad it was just family over today.... it is okay if the place is a little less tidy when it is just them.... heck, they are use to seeing my tornado of a room growing up so nothing would shock them these days!
After lunch we had cake.... finally!  Brad even took Owen to go pick it out!  They had gone to the bakery and Owen spotted these Razorback cupcakes and he HAD to have them... Mom would love them for her birthday!! ; )
And even if mom didn't love it.... Owen would and he wouldn't even notice that no one else liked it (which wasn't the case, I'm just saying he was SO into his Razorback cupcake that he noticed nothing else!!; )  ). 
Here are 3 of the 5 cousins. They had been asking (over and over) again when it would be cake time.... I knew setting the Razorbacks out for everyone to see would be SO tempting for them.... getting them to eat lunch was almost impossible!  Finally it was cake time!!! : )
Addyson didn't want cake.... only ice cream.... she, too, is probably done after all of this partying!  Truce I say..... Truce!  Brad's response...... "I won!!!  I beat you at your own game!  Next year you'll think before saying you want to celebrate all week!! I won!!!"  I use Ethan as my excuse.  He's not been sleeping great.... getting up several times a night and waking up early (5:30-6) ever morning... I'm exhausted from that..... not from the many nights of celebrating... and it definitely isn't because of my age... I'm not too old for this... not yet!  Nope, it is because of lack of sleep!  Brad, I'll take on your challenge again next year.... when Ethan is (hopefully) sleeping through the night, and we'll see how I feel on my last birthday celebration!  For now, I'm off to rest.... Brad is off for work, yep, he left this afternoon and will be gone for 2 days.... I don't think I have the energy for this... I'm glad tomorrow is a school day for both big kids..... I'll be resting.... resting up from a great week of Birthday Celebrations!  Thanks to Brad, my kids, my family, and my friends for making my birthday so special this year!

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