Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Meet Bubbles

Well I'm try crazy pet lady!  Like our house isn't full enough!  Addyson, Ethan, and I went to the pet store with the 2 dogs the other day to get food for the dogs and we walked out with food for the dogs and a fish for Addyson!  She didn't even ask for one.... why I suggested it, I have NO idea!  I think i was the craziness of having 2 dogs and 2 kids at the store that clouded my vision!!! ; )  While I think I may have been crazy, Addyson LOVES her fish so it was worth it!  And I have to say, Beta fish are great!!!  Such low maintenance and can tolerate a lot so if you are in the market for a fish I'd love to suggest a beta!
On the way home from the store, Addyson was SO excited to hold her fish and to come up with a name.  At first, she wanted to name him Addyson!  Hey, it's a great name!  I tried to talk her off of Addyson.... I was suggesting many things to help get her ideas; Mermaid, Bubbles, princess.....  Nope, it was going to be Addyson.  And she was really excited to introduce everyone to Addyson!  Whenever I was on the phone she would say, "Tell them I have a fish!!!'
When we picked up Owen from school that was the first thing she told him, "Hey Owen, I have a fish!!!'  I was a bit worried about how Owen would take it... not that she had a fish but that he missed out on the shopping trip.  Owen started to make a noise and I thought he was crying... he put his hands up to his mouth and I was so worried.  I asked him what was wrong and he said, "Nothing.  I'm just so excited for Addyson that she got a fish!"  So cute!  Then I heard them in the back seat talking about names.  Addyson told him that her fish's name was Addyson to which he said, "Addyson is not a fish name!"  After some debate she took Owen's suggestion of Bubbles.  So, please meet the newest member of the Brewster clan, Bubbles!

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