Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Marker!!

Ethan LOVES markers!  Well really, he loves objects that are long and narrow that he can carry around and/or put in his mouth and a marker fits that description to a "T"!  And markers are easy to find at our house.  We have a craft area in our house that has a drawer full of drawing objects and Ethan has discovered it!  He can pry the drawer open, stand on his tippie toes, and pick out a marker.  And now.....
he has figured out how to get the lids off of the marker.  He is a strong little guy.  How did I figure out he knew how to take the lid off???  By looking at his face.... covered in marker.... well really it is his mouth covered in marker because after he takes the lid off, he puts the marker in his mouth!
So we take the marker away.... and he SCREAMS.... SCREECHES..... I've mentioned that before, right???  Man, that boy has a high pitch screech that can give you a headache after a while!  (That actually happened the other day while he and I were shopping.  He was screeching, this time for fun, and by the time we left I had the worse headache ever!).  He is a bit "demanding".... Brad calls him a "bully" because he can throw a fit if you try to take something away from him or don't let him get into what he was planning on doing.  Is this because he is the third child and everyone is always taking things from him???  So he screeches until you give the marker back so....
We give the marker back and he is all smiles again!!!  I just need to keep a stash of dried out markers around for Ethan!  Thank goodness the markers are washable!!!

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