Saturday, September 1, 2012

Rocks and Sticks

After owning our RV for 7 months I finally figured out that I don't have to pack a whole lot of toys!!!  We use to travel with our shower filled with toys.... that ended up never being used.  I need a few things for the drive but not many.... the kids nap for most of our drive and if it is a long drive they like to look out the window, snack, and chit chat with each other or me so again, not many toys are needed.
I thought I had to bring lots of things to entertain them for a weekend at the campground.... a weekend away from all of their toys, their rooms, and the tv..... how on earth would they get by if I didn't bring at least one ball, one doll, a truck, a stroller, a stuffed animal, etc..... for each.... so really that is 2 balls, 2 dolls, 2 trucks, etc....... soon to be 3 of each!
Then I realized we were hauling this stuff around, loading and unloading the junk in the camper and bringing it all home untouched!  Never played with!  Why?
Because our campsite offers so many of its own "toys"
So many items to explore and play with.  Items as simple as rocks and sticks can offer hours of fun....
Ok, Ethan didn't sit for an hour and play but, he did play for probably 30 minutes in this pile of rocks and a single stick!  That is the longest anything has held his attention span!!!  And he was having fun... a blast!
He was swishing his hand back and forth in the rocks.... I wish I had a video of it!
He would swish and swish and swish while babbling, squealing, and at times moment of quiet while he studied something.
Then he would pick up a handful of rocks and study them.
Move them around in his hand.
And watch as they would fall out one or two at a time.
Then, after all of that manipulating.... one would be left in his hand... that lucky one would them makes its way.....
into his mouth!  And when I saw THIS face.... I knew he had a rock in his mouth I needed to fish out!
Thankfully he is pretty good at spitting out things that don't belong in his mouth, things that should be eaten. (look at that dirty camping face!)
When I would take the rock from his mouth, he would get mad.... then get up and go find a new spot to sit at and start swishing!
Listen Mom, just let me do my own thing.... Got it?!?!
One thing that has always amazed me about babies is their ability to pick out the tiniest difference in something.  They can spot the smallest fleck on the carpet.... or pick out the tiniest difference in a pile of tiny rocks!  Ethan is strong, he can squat down, bend over, and work at something while maintaining his balance!
Then, he can get his item, stand up, and walk away so proud of his accomplishment!  See, we don't need a bunch of toys at the campground to have happy kids!
After exploring the tiny rocks for about 15 minutes, he spotted bigger rocks!!!  Wow, something new to explore!
Wonder if this will fit in my mouth?!?!
Then he found a stick!!!!  I was impressed as I watched him use the stick to try to manipulate the rocks on the ground!
The stick was also fun to swish with!!!!
And hammer with!
So many fun things you can do with some rocks and sticks!  Who needs toys?!?!
Even the bigger kids played for hours with rocks, sticks... and bugs!!!!  Here, Owen is having a rock race.  In front of him is a little hill that leads to another row of camp sites.  He was throwing rocks down the hill to see which one would get to the bottom first!  Oh the games you can make up and the fun you can have when you are outside..... away from your room, toys, and tv!!!!

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