Saturday, September 1, 2012

SDC (Round 1)

Who is ready to go to Silver Dollar City?!?!  "I AM!!!!"  We all were.  The first shuttle left our campground at 8 and the park opens at 9.  This morning it was raining so we went back and forth on whether or not we should go.  Don't Go- we sit at the campground, in the RV, and drive each other crazy (we'd already been up since 6 and were already going stir crazy) OR Do GO- and go burn off some energy for a couple of hours and who cares if you get wet... it is just water!
So DO GO won out!!!!  The shuttle from our campground runs at 8, 10, 12, 2, 5, and 7.  So we tried to figure out how to get back to nap before meltdowns started!  The plan, go at 8....
eat breakfast at the bakery at the front of the park and then head back at noon for nap and lunch!
It ended up being the perfect plan!!!!  We've never stopped and eaten at this bakery so that was a nice treat and great start to our morning.  You can actually see the bakers rolling out HUGE cinnamon rolls on one side of the bakery!
The site of the cinnamon rolls were too good to pass up!  So Owen and Addyson split one.  This morning they wanted to work on their cutting skills.
How cute is that?!?!  Also note the Chick Fil A watch he wears almost daily.  He likes to wear it on the same wrist as his daddy.  This watch is the best, most used happy meal toy ever!!!
Addyson also had fun cutting up her sausage roll.... and sharing it with Ethan!
One bite for me......
One bite for Ethan!
Ethan isn't the only one using the Beco these days!!!  Addyson claimed her legs were tired.... perfect solution!!!!  We got a few looks but hey, no one else was offering to carry around my big 3 year old for me!!! : )
Did you know that if you are at SDC early enough you can be there for the opening ceremony which includes some songs and then they honor Veterans!  They place a ribbon on each Veteran and then they all line up in the middle of the front of the park.  The 2 big kids insisted on going with Brad.  It was really neat to see them up there, supporting their dad.... their soldier!
Until the kids spotted me..... and probably a little overwhelmed with everything going on... and just like that they ran to me leaving Brad standing all alone in his own line.... poor guy!
Other men around Brad stepped up next to him so he wouldn't be all alone!  Then, on of the men shouted "Forward March" and the men marched over to where the flag would be raised!
"Present Arms" and the flag was raised.
Then we all sang the National Anthem.
It was emotional for me.  Knowing/ remembering what we went through when Brad was in Iraq for a year, knowing what soldiers are going through now serving our county, and looking at all of the men around Brad, watching the looks on their faces, wondering their story, and remembering some of the hard battles they fought at a time before the internet...... I can't even imagine!  Wow, what a touching start to our day!
After the flag was raised, the park opened!!!  Our first stop, the playhouse!  Owen had been requesting it all morning!!!
This was a great place to start since it was cool and a lot of stuff was wet from the rain.  We played in here, where it was dry, and waited for the sun to come out!
It is funny that each kid has their favorite spot in here.... Addyson stays on the lower level and plays with this gun!
She shoots the balls up high where Owen is up at the third level!!!!  Being down here is fun when the lady dumps ALL the balls down and they "shower" on you!!!
She also spends a lot of time vacuuming up the balls and sending them up to the high levels!
Yay, another shower of balls!!!
Ethan had a BLAST in the playhouse!!!!  It was his nap time but this woke him up!!!  He picked up the balls, 1, 2, 3 at a time and carried them around.  He would squeal, try to eat them, and waved them up and down!  It was cute!
Then he found the vacuum.  I think he liked the felling of the air.... he kept sticking his hand in there!
And tried to vacuum some balls!!!!
After we've been there for a while, Owen will come down to the lower level to play for a bit and then I know they are all done and ready to move on!
Next stop, the kiddie rides!!!!  The sun was coming out and the park was empty because of the early rain so it was a perfect morning at the park!  No lines... and no sweat!
Ahhhhh. I'm scared! : )
The kids were able to go from ride to ride and get on with no wait.  What I thought was super cute is that they rode together on every ride even though they could have had a "car" all to themselves!!!
Nope, they rode together and enjoyed every second of it!
Look at this tired guy!  Exhausted from the playhouse, he kicked back, snacked, and watched his siblings!!!
He enjoyed watching them go around and around.  He would look for them and if they waved, he would wave back!
They got to ride this two times in a row since there was no line!
Bouncing frogs
What a busy couple of hours!  It was perfect.  We hit all of the hot spots and rides and headed out.  It was nice having the shuttle.... it picked us up right outside of the park gate so we didn't have to walk far.  Everyone was hungry and tired so we headed back to eat and nap.  It was nice to leave the park on a high note!  The question is.... do we go back after rest or not?!?!  Are we up for a Round 2?!?!

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