Saturday, September 1, 2012

SDC (Round 2)

We did it again..... we decided to brave the rain.... the DOWNPOUR.... and head back to SDC after nap.  It was pouring rain as soon as we got to our shuttle stop and we questioned what we should do.  Go?  Stay?  Oh GO FOR IT.... we decided.  What was the worse that could happen to us?  We would melt?  No, we'd have to hang out in the gift shop until our shuttle came back to get us.  As we were walking in.... with no rain jackets or umbrella...... 75% of the park guests were leaving!!!  We had to dodge the flood of guests as they ran for the exit... while giving us weird looks and saying, "They are CRAZY!"  Yep, I actually heard several people say that and I was wondering if it was true! : )
By the time we passed through the gates the rain had slowed.... not stopped but not the downpour.  We walked through the park with huge smiles.... it was actually fun!  Now people were really looking at us! : )
We decided to go to the Saloon Show first to give us something to do while the rides were closed and while we waited to see if the storm would pass.  The kids were excited to get their popcorn and watch the girls dance and sing!
Ethan was screaming while we were waiting in line.... he was exhausted and wanted to nap but he isn't good about sleeping while we are out and about..... so I almost waited outside for the family.  I'm glad I didn't.  We sat at a table where I could leave easily if I needed to but turns out that wasn't necessary!  The show was a great distraction.  I kept E in the Beco and I turned so he could see what was going on and he ended up clapping, bouncing (dancing), and squealing!  No longer tired... the show woke him up!  This was Brad and Addyson's first time to see the show too and they loved it!
After the show we headed back to the kids favorite spot.... the playhouse area!!!  And if they weren't wet enough from the rain.... they were about to get more wet!
The kids usually avoid this little splash pad... they don't usually want to get wet.... but today, Addyson thought it was so funny to see if she could get sprayed by the burst of water that comes up out of different holes.
She would get her face and hair in the spray and laugh as she brushed her wet hair out of her face!

After seeing how much fun Addyson was having, Owen decided to make a run for it.... but he was trying hard not to get wet than to get wet! : )
Then we went back to the kiddie rides.  I had noticed earlier that there were some little kids on the ride so I decided to see if Ethan would like it.  This is the one ride where he makes the requirement for parent rider and I can ride with.  The lady told me I had to sit behind him.... I was so afraid he would try to stand up and the ride would be a disaster so I almost didn't go.  The lady that was working the ride was so nice.  She told me that since it was just my kids on the ride, if I needed her to stop it she would....
So we gave it a go.... and he LOVED it!!!!
He even waved to Brad as we went by!!!!  I couldn't believe it!!!!  Ethan is much bigger and gets much more than I ever give him credit for!!!!
He had seen me push that black button to make us go in the air so he tried it too!!!
He loved going high!!!!  We had so much fun!!!  I'm so glad I tried it!  The rain really made that possible..... there were no lines so I felt comfortable letting him try and if it didn't work and we had to stop the ride I wasn't upsetting little kids!
He loved it so much and wanted to be so big and do it himself that when I had my finger on the button he pushed my hand out of the way so he could try to push it himself!!!  He is really starting to assert himself and his independence more and more these days and we are starting to learn more about his little big personality!
Whew, I need a drink after all of that fun!
Then it was time to pick one last ride... we had to catch the 5pm shuttle back or we'd be stuck there until 7.  Owen wanted to ride the roller coaster and Addyson wanted to ride the elephants ( a new ride for the family) and we had 10 minutes.  Brad rode with Owen while I went to watch Addyson ride... turns out she had to have a parent with her and I had to watch E.... ugh!  Another dad offered to ride with her but she wasn't having that!  SO...... I waited for Brad and O to get done..... they headed to the shuttle with Ethan to try to hold it for us while Addy and I rode the elephants!  I tried as hard as I could to hike UPHILL with her on my back and make the shuttle........ and we missed it....we all missed it! : (  Thankfully we were able to call the campground and they came and picked us up so we didn't have to wait!  Guess we need to time everything a little better next time.... life is getting a bit harder with 2 big kids that want to do 2 different things..... how are we going to manage when Ethan starts wanting a vote?!?!

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