Friday, September 21, 2012

Taste Testing at O's School

This week Owen's class has been learning about apples.  They have learned about the parts of an apple, did an apple taste testing to see which variety they like better, and today they made spiced apples and invited the parents to come at 2:30 and taste their spiced apples with them!
I had forgotten about the taste testing and then it dawned on me on our drive to school.  I knew I'd never be able to make it.... 2:30 is right in the middle of nap time.  I tried to see if Brad or my mom could go but no one answered the phone so I just left a message.  In the back, Owen is hearing everything I'm doing and starts to ask about it.
He then says this.... "If you don't come to my apple testing then I am going to be mad at you!"  OUCH!  Wow, that hurt!  We then had to have a talk about how he really hurt my feelings and that I try really hard to do lots of nice things for him but I can't always do it all AND I was working on getting someone to be there with him.... I just didn't know who it would be before I dropped him off.  I don' think he meant exactly what he said.... he is really trying out new phrases that he is picking up.... but it still hurt.  He could tell he hurt my feelings and without prompting he apologized.  It was sweet.  It made me proud that he knew when he needed to say sorry for something hurtful he had said.  After dropping him off I got in the car and tried to work my magic.....
And I was able to go!  I napped the kids at my mom's house (she lives really close to the school) and then she came home on her lunch break so I could run up there and be with O.  He was SO excited to see me..... totally worth it!!!  I was the first mom there and he kept telling his friends, "That's my mom!"
Since I was the first one there, I was able to help dish out the apples and pass them out.... I was also able to observe his class, how they interact, how the teacher is with them, and....
I got to watch how she teaches them!  It was so neat and I was so glad we made the decision we did when we choose to send him to St. Joe's..... while I hate the drive twice a day.... moments like this make it all worth it!
I didn't bring my camera because I wasn't sure what the teacher would think of me taking pictures but she saw my phone and asked me to take pictures because she forgot her camera!  I was SO glad she gave me the go ahead!  Here is Owen and his table neighbor Andrea tasting the yummy apples!  They were so good Owen and a few other students went back for seconds!
I also got to watch the daily closing routine.  It was cute to see them all around their teacher talking about what they learned and then saying their closing prayer, "The Our Father" and then watching the FLOOD of questions that came in about the meaning of the prayer! : )  I stood in the back with the other parents and got to meet some of them which was nice as well.... I feel like a lot of the families there know each other and I hope it isn't long before I feel like a part of the school community!  What a perfect ending to the school week and a great start to our weekend.... I made it to the apple tasting, Owen isn't mad at me..... in fact I took him home with a HUGE smile on his face!  Life is good!

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