Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Trip to Sam's

I did something today I try not to do.... go shopping with all 3 kids..... I also try not to do any errands after we pick up Owen from school.  He is usually exhausted and whinny and not up for doing anything besides rest or do what HE wants to do.  Can't say I blame him!
But today I HAD to go to Sam's and I just didn't make it before I had to pick up Owen..... eating lunch with him at school today took up a lot of ou free time.  Besides, Owen loves samples so it is actually a fun errand for him.  But since he was so tired he requested to ride in the shopping cart.  You should have seen the look on Ethan's face when he saw Owen beside him!!!!
Ethan spends a lot of his day chasing after Owen and Addyson who either never seem to sit still long enough for him to catch up OR they sit up higher, like on the couch, and Ethan can't make it up there yet to sit beside them.  So, for him to have Owen beside him.... RIGHT beside him, for so long was a treat and he loved it!!!  Ethan just kept looking at Owen and smiling and then he would pat Owen!  It was SO cute!
 Then he leaned in to give Owen and hug and I said, "Give Owen a kiss" and he leaned over with open mouth to kiss Owen.  It was the cutest 5 minute exchange ever.  That tender moment shared between the two brothers was priceless and totally worth the trip to Sam's!
Addyson wasn't left out of the tender moment.  When she got in the back of the cart she reached around for Ethan to give her a kiss!!!  I LOVE that this little guy has learned how to give kiss and hugs!!!  Life is extra sweet these days!  And I was worried about Ethan when he was born and where he would fit in with the tight brother-sister duo..... silly me!!!  The is plenty of sibling love to go around!!!!  Our trip to Sam's today took a little longer than usual but that's because there was so many cute and tender sibling moments on that had me completely distracted!!!  That was one of my best shopping trips with 3 kids!!! : )

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