Thursday, October 11, 2012

3 Penny Acre Concert

We've been cooped up in the house all week due to illness and it hasn't been fun!  When the kids were sick and I was stuck at home it was manageable.  Then I got sick and the kids had to be cooped up in the house and fend for themselves.  We were all getting antsy..... and needed so fresh air!!!
I knew that the Botanical Gardens was having a free 3 Penny Acre concert (2 of the musicians are friends of ours and we love to listen to them play) and that sounded like the perfect first outing for this recovering family!
Brad was starting to feel a bit tummy achy but he came with.  It was perfect because we could sit in chairs, relax, listen to music, and enjoy the fresh air while the kids ran around!!!
And run around they did!!!  Ethan was a social butterfly and didn't stick close to us at all.  He loves his freedom!!!  He wonders around, smiling, waving his arms, babbling, and checking everyone out!  He might have been the one most excited about our outing!
We had eaten dinner at home..... making the decision to go was a bit of a last minute deal as we waited to see how everyone was feeling..... so I took along some snacks for the kids.  Ethan chowed down on these and carried them around with him!
Being the over-analyzer I am, I was sure people were questioning my little guy walking around barefoot, unsupervised (or so it appeared), and eating these Gerber puffs while other families were eating yummy picnic dinners..... I just wanted to assure everyone he had eaten a healthy dinner before we got there but really..... I'm sure no one was over-analyzing Ethan.... they were too busy enjoying their family time outside and the awesome music by 3 Penny Acre!
Actually, the only people I saw looking at Ethan were always smiling as he was "flirting" with them and chatting them up!  Our social butterfly!
And then the kids spent the rest of the evening playing in the huge open grassy area!!!!  They were watching other kids play, standing back, and then they eventually got in on the mix!  I love they they are independent enough to go play on their own
social enough to join in with others,
and a team enough that they all stick together!
Makes outings really easy and enjoyable for us!
And this outing was just the right medicine needed for this healing family!

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