Monday, October 8, 2012

7th Anniversary Dinner

Since we celebrate with friends on Saturday night we didn't have big plans for our actual anniversary for dinner.  We weren't getting a sitter.... we were just going to spend it at home with the whole family!  But before Monday night we had another chance to celebrate together..... just the two of us.  We usually go to dinner on Sunday nights after church and before our class.... my mom keeps the kids so we sneak away for one hour and enjoy a quiet dinner together.... it is usually the one hour a week we actually get to sit and talk.... doesn't seem to happen during the week these days.  Sunday night we want to eat at a Chinese restaurant and I got the most fitting fortune in my cookie!!! : )  It was perfect and what was even more special is that Brad often says this phrase or a phrase like this with "begets" so it was meant to be for us!
Fast forward to our actual anniversary...... I took Ethan for his shots this morning and went shopping at the Fresh Market while I was in Rogers.  I picked up lots of great items for me to make for dinner and I even picked up a key lime pie for dessert!  I was excited!  I spent the afternoon prepping and cooking.. so excited to have dinner on the table when Brad got home.... or at least that was my plan.  Ethan got SUPER fussy so when Brad walked in I headed to lay Ethan down and I asked Brad to keep an eye one everything and finish up.  Ethan took forever to go to sleep.... not feeling great.... poor guy!
One I got him down I rushed out to help plate up dinner so we could eat while everything was hot and before it overcooked.  All of a sudden I heard a cough.... you know the cough where you know something is coming UP next..... and I looked over to see Addyson sitting at the table getting sick.  UGH!!!!!  So we are now 2 kids down.  Trying to stay upbeat we keep on keeping on..... we get Addyson settled with her "dinner" and went to eat with Owen.  Not 5 minutes into the meal Owen has to go potty and then 5 minutes later insists that someone come wipe his hiney..... 10 minutes later Addyson is throwing up again....... we were up and down all dinner and rarely both at the table at the same time but when we were I looked at Brad and said, "Happy Anniversary..... this is life after 7 years and with 3 kids!!!!  What better way to put it in our face our life as parents than to give us this kind of evening on our anniversary!"
I knew dinner was hopeless but I still had hope we could sit on the couch together, watch a show, and eat our pie.... that didn't work either.  Brad ate his pie when I went back in with Ethan and I ate my pie when Brad went back in with Addyson.  We didn't see each other much tonight.  Brad ended up sitting in Addyson's room working so he could be there when she threw up and then he ended up sleeping on the floor in her room.... she threw up 15 times in 6 hours!  What a mess...... what an anniversary! : )
And this sweet girl gave us ALL her anniversary present!  Actually, in all fairness, Owen gave it to us first.... he threw up Friday night after Ethan's party, threw up all night long, slept most of Saturday and then was better by Saturday night.  Addyson was better Tuesday evening, Ethan got it Tuesday morning, I got it Wednesday, and Brad got it Friday.... ugh!  So, our anniversary gift has passed through our house and I hope we are done with sickness for the season! 
Happy 7 Years to us!!! : )

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