Saturday, October 13, 2012


This morning we did a little baking... and I took a back seat!  I didn't have to supervise too much what was going on..... why?  Because the baking wasn't for us!  If you recently got a package of baked goods from us read no further..... you don't want to know what happened!!! ; )
Just kidding.... really, the kids made dog treats for the Bickel family's puppies.  Since it was treats for puppies, who aren't super picky, I let them do their own thing for the most part.  It isn't often they get a run of the kitchen!  And times like this, times when they can experiment on their own, are great learning and growing moments!  Trial and error....on items that are "real", meaning they understand they are going to be a gift and consumed by someone, and yet "fake", meaning they are not going to be consumed by people, so mistakes are okay..... a perfect item to make this Saturday morning!
And they were so into it as their own project that they even documented it on their own!!!  See Owen with the camera taking pictures of Addyson?!?  And then Addyson took pictures of Owen!  So cute!
The Bickels are a family I met when I was doing my Masters research at the St. Louis Zoo!  We realized we had the love for animals in common!!  They went on to sponsor my school, research, Brad's school, and a trip to Africa to study animals in the wild!  We also have a love for dogs!  Which is why making them doggie treats to take as a gift was the perfect idea!
We made treats using oats, honey, flour, and a few other ingredietnts.... we got the recipie out of a doggie treat cook book the Bickels got me years ago for Skip and Sam!! : )  Then the kids picked out cookie cutters to make a variety of treats!  They picked bones, puppies, bats, pumpkins, and elephants (John's favorite).  This was a great Saturday morning of baking.... for the puppies! : )

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