Sunday, October 14, 2012

BassPro Shop

This morning we drove to Springfield to meet the Bickels.  We were trying to figure out a good place that was halfway between us that we could meet and visit that was visit friendly with kids!  That is hard to find.... a place where the kids can be entertained for a couple of hours with minimal parent involvement.  Then it came to me.... a family favorite.....
BassPro Shop!!!!  Springfield has the original shop and it is LARGE with lots to do and see!!!!  Not only that but it has a great restaurant!  The perfect place and for our kids.... that's like going to Disney for the day!
On the ride there Ethan took his nap while the big kids watched a show so everyone was ready to go when we pulled up!!!!  We had about 15 minutes to kill before the Bickels showed up so we got a sneak peak at some of the aquariums!!!!
The kids were in awe!!!!
From there we headed to Hemingways for the Sunday morning breakfast buffet!!!  We've eaten there a couple of times before and we love!  The whole experience is great!  And the kids love the dessert portion of the buffet.... can you tell?!?!  If you are ever in the area, driving by, and/or need a place to stop I highly recommend a BassPro visit!
After our bellies were full and the kids were restless we headed back out to the store to look around and burn some energy!  We got lucky today, they were having a Ropers event with lots of activities for the kids..... perfect!
Owen practiced his roping skills!  I actually think this was his favorite thing.... when I couldn't find him that is where he'd be!
Addyson had fun bouncing from activity to activity.... rarely taking a minute to sit down.... outside of this one cute moment!
Ethan loved the roping bull!!!!  He loves animals!  He walked up to this and was chatting away and then went over to put it.  He also loved all of the dogs we saw!!!  BassPro is very pet friendly and several people had their dog in the store with them!  Ethan tried to follow several of them home!; )
After much practice, Owen figured out how to rope the bull!!!!
And Ethan was there to help him retrieve the rope!
There was a station where you could stamp a leather bracelet.  They had a fish, grasshopper, and moon shaped stamps that you hammered into your bracelet!
After Owen finished his bracelet he took it over to show John and Susie!
The kids could also get their faces painted!!!!  Addyson wanted a purple and pink tiger!!!
Then Addyson went to make a bracelet.  The kids usually do things together which makes it easy to follow them and take pictures but today they did everything opposite!
She wouldn't smile at the camera so I could get a good picture of her face so I had zoom in and do the best I could while she was distracted!  Isn't this tiger face so cute?!?!
Then Owen went to get his face painted.... as Addyson looked on!  I wonder what he'll pick!
Addyson also gave roping a try!  Look at that form!
Perfect aim!
My cute little tiger!
My handsome dragon!
We spent 4 hours at BassPro and it was past naptime so everyone was getting a bit tired.  Ethan had walked and walked and walked so when John reached out to him Ethan welcomed the lap to sit on!  They hung out, relaxed, and watched the fish! I met the Bickels when Brad was in Iraq 9 years ago.... wow, look how much life has changed since then!!!  One day I was there server at Ruby Tuesday.... today, they meet us for breakfast with our 3 kids!!!!  Crazy!
Crazy kids!!!!
They all started getting crazy silly.... like it is way past our nap time and we are about to either go completely nuts or completely meltdown!  Time to go!
Is this thing real?!?!
Oh, ok, I think this is safe!
Does he bite?!?!
One he realized the bear was fake he was okay to pose for a picture!
Say "Cheese"!!!  Poor E is too tired to even get excited about a picture!
And that folks, was our morning at BassPro Shop!!!!  A total of 4 hours of driving and a total of 4 hours at the store!  A full morning of fun and visiting with family friends..... they are actually like family to us.... grandparents to the kids.... so I'm so glad we found this perfect place to meet them for the day!
One day I'm gonna catch a bass that's this big!!!!
Where's Addyson?!?!
Ok, last picture... and that's not the kids saying that this time.... it was me!!!  They wanted to pose with everything that was outside of the store... at this rate we were never going to make it to the car!  I think we said "good bye" to the Bickels at least 10 times!!!!  This time was the last one!!!!  We needed to end on a high note.... pre-meltdown!!!!  And we did!!!
And before we were out of town all was quiet in the car!!!!  What a great family morning adventure to BassPro Shop!

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