Sunday, October 7, 2012

Breakfast at Nammie's

The kids spent the night with Nammie last night while we had our party.  I had originally wanted my mom to keep them at our house so the baby would be home..... he isn't sleeping through the night and I worried about him.  I figured we would all be outside and it would be quiet inside...... boy was I glad my mom talked me out of that one!!!  It would have been a DISASTER with the kids at our house with trying to keep them in their rooms and getting them to sleep with everything going on inside our house!!!!  So the kids stayed the night with Nammie....... and the baby stayed until past midnight when he woke up...... I didn't even give my mom a chance to get him to sleep.... I worried it would be a long night for both of them and I didn't want to turn my mom off of keeping the kids.  SO.... I had someone drive me to go get my baby and bring him home so we could all sleep without worries!!!!
The kids had a full morning at Nammie's making breakfast and muffins, playing, and spending time together!  While these eggs look yummy.... I wasn't about to cook for us and our overnight guest.... thank goodness for Cafe Rue Orleans leftovers!  That's what we ate!  It ended up being a great night and next day for all!!!!

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