Saturday, October 27, 2012


What do you do when you are camping, are up before the sun rises, have no coffee, and the kids are already starting to get restless???  Get dressed and go get coffee and breakfast!!!
And that's what we did.  It was 7am as we headed out the door and I swear the rest of the campground was still asleep?!?!  How were they so lucky?!?!  While sleeping in would have been nice, our morning walk all bundled up was really enjoyable too!!!
Across the street and down a bit is a restaurant called Billy Gail's Cafe.... we've never been but heard good things about it.... the kicker is though that there is usually a line up........ and waiting around in the cold or tight waiting area is not a activity we like to do with 3 kids!!!  Lucky for us 99% of the town was still sleeping so we had no wait!!  Oh.... so there IS a perk to getting up early! : )
We got there so early we had the little sitting area upstairs all to ourselves.  It was great... and turned out to be a blessing because Billy Gail's doesn't take any kind of card... not even debt.... so Brad had to run back to our camper to look for a check book and try to find more cash..... and I was stuck back trying to keep 3 kids entertained!  One good think about Billy Gail's is they have bowls of toys they put on the tables for the kids!  New toys = tons of entertainment!
Exploring new spaces and cabinets = tons of entertainment too!!!!
After 15 minutes of running around trying to find money.... note to self.... carry more cash... espcially if you plan on going to Billy Gail's for breakfast..... Brad was back and we were able to order!  You should have seen the size of the portions we got!  HUGE!!!  Look at the size of the kid pancake!  Owen's eyes got as big as the plate when he way his pancake he ordered!! : )
Ethan also enjoyed his breakfast!!!!  A little sampling from everyone.... we all had enough to share!!!
After our yummy breakfast our bellies were full and the sun was now out.... a walk back to our campsite was just what we needed to finish off our early morning adventure!  We headed back to let Ethan nap while we got ready to enjoy the Witchy Weekend activities for the morning!  If you are ever in Branson make sure to check out Billy Gail's... and make sure to get there early.... with cash!

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Ashley said...

When we ate at Billy Gail's I consumed approximately 30% of my meal. Crazy portion sizes!