Saturday, October 27, 2012

Camping Trick or Treating

The best part of Witchy Weekend is the costume contest and trick or treating!!!  We were so excited to be a part of it!  We loaded up our crew and headed to the main hall where the contest was.  And let me say this, if you travel a lot and have lots of kids you HAVE to get this foldable wagon.... we found it at Sam's..... it is the best thing ever!
Here's my crew... we have the Razorbacks covered!  Football player, mascot, and cheerleader!!!
And here is a picture of most of the kids in their age bracket 0-6years.  Look at all the kids!!!!  So many cute outfits!  Some kids were dressed up as a character of their own and other families had coordinating costumes!  So fun to get ideas for next year!
After the judging (we never went to hear the results), the trick or treating started!  I wasn't quit sure how it would go.... and we were sort of leading the event because a lot of the families were still in the hall for judging the older kids....... so I just sent Addyson up to a door with the light!  She knocked, yelled "trick or treat", and superwoman opened the door and handed out candy!  I knew then we were in for a fun night!
Once Owen saw it was safe he was in on the fun too!!!  Pretty soon there were tons of families with little ones running from camper to camper with us!
Ethan even got in on the fun!!!  At times he would drop his bucket and one of his siblings would have to pick it up from him!  I'm amazed at how big he acts.... he is only 12 months old but does a great job keeping up with his siblings!
And he was impressed by all of the Halloween decorations..... unlike his brother!
So people we set up in their camper, some were set up with a table, others by their campfire, some outside their tents.... it was so neat to see what others had done!!!
After getting their treat, the big kids would take off running to the next site.....
and Ethan would sit down and inspect what was just put in his bucket!  So cute!
At times Ethan took too much time inspecting and the other kids would run ahead so we had to finally put Ethan in the wagon so we could catch up!!! : )
He found a sucker..... luckily Addyson didn't notice otherwise he'd have the wrapper off and he'd be enjoying a sugary snack!  For now.... I'll keep him naive and let him think the stick in the best part!
Some decorations were too spooky to approach.... "I think we'll skip this site!" and while doing so they kept their eyes on it to make sure nothing was going to jump out at them or chase them.... which let me say, nothing ever did!  Tonight was full of good, clean, young kid-friendly, Halloween fun!
Soon into trick or treating we realized we had to stay with Addyson...... the kids were really good about manners.... saying "trick or treat" and "thank you".... however, Addyson was also really good about voicing her likes and dislikes!!!  She would stick her head in the givers bucket to see what she could pick out or tell them that she liked... even when they weren't giving her that option.  And if they gave her a sucker (which a lot of people did thinking that a sucker was a perfect kid treat), she would pick it out of her bucket, tell the person she didn't like suckers, and ask for something else.  We would try to teach her about saying "thank you" even if you don't like it and saving it for someone else (no one in this family likes suckers so guess what we'll be handing out at our site!!! ; )  ) but she wasn't going for it.  She didn't like them and she didn't want them.  Period.  End of story!  Thankfully everyone just laughed it over as they understood she was only 3 and didn't fully get the idea of saying "thank you" even if you don't like what you were given!
The other thing Addyson would do is ask for a treat for her baby brother if Ethan didn't walk up with her.  The adult would look at me as if to ask "is she scheming me?" and I'd have to reassure them that she WAS getting it for her baby brother.  And she would do the same if Owen didn't walk up or if she got there before him.  Sweet girl is always looking out for those boys!
Look at this site!!!  They had 4 large blow-ups and all kinds of fun things!!!!  Some of these people must have loaded down their campers with Halloween decorations!  Next year we'll be more prepared!
It was getting late and Ethan was DONE!  He had laid his head down on Brad's head and was trying to fall asleep!  I took Ethan back to the camper while Brad finished up with the older kids.  This little Razorback was ready for bed!
After the kids got down trick or treating, they came back to our site and handed out candy!  They haven't had a chance to do this yet because we don't get many trick or treaters at our house.  This was a fun, new experience for them!
Brad asked them what did they like better getting the treats or giving them and they said, "giving them!!!"  They took turns passing the bucket back and forth to hand out treats and they had so much fun!!!!  I'm so glad they got to experience both sides of trick or treating!
Trick or treating at the campground was SO much fun!!!  All of the kids loved it and it was enjoyable for us parents too!!!  I'm so glad we came to Witchy Weekend!  I can't wait for next year!

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