Sunday, October 21, 2012

Corn Maze

Owen has been asking to go to a corn maze/pumpkin patch all month long!  He remembers the ones we went to last year and knew it was "that time of year".  We had planned to go to Farmland Adventures with MOMS Club (they have animals, pumpkin patch, corn maze, and other things) but each time it got rained out.  And I wanted to go when our whole family would go... no sense in any of us missing out of the fun and really, this time of year is SO busy... it is hard to plan an outing like this especially when these fun places have crazy hours!
So our compromise was visiting this corn maze right by our house!  They are open on Sundays and today was a great afternoon to go!  There is no pumpkin patch so we'll have to figure out how to squeeze that in some afternoon this week.
This corn maze is sponsored by a local church group and all of the proceeds go to different organizations in our community.  With that being said.... it was still pretty expensive for us to go and even though it was for charity.... we had to draw the line somewhere!  Armbands were $10 so I just got one for the 2 big kids and one adult.... that happened to be me! : )  I just wanted to make sure one of us could go in the corn maze with the kids and ride the hayride with them.
Then our fun adventure began!  They had an obstacle course set up.... complete with football throwing at the end.... just the perfect activity for this family!
Addyson was into the course but needed a bit of help jumping over the hay bales.... thank goodness Daddy was there to help her out!
She also needed a bit of a boost to get her football through the tire so she scooted up a bit...and that was perfect!
Ethan was not going to be left out of the fun!!!!  He was picking up the football and throwing it!!!  I think he has the natural athletic ability that Owen (and Addyson) has!  His is just showing up a bit sooner than Owen's since he has been exposed to it since he was born!  I was amazed that he knew to pick this up and throw it... on purpose!
What out Razorbacks.... here I come!
There was also boat racing set up.  You had to hand pump the water to make your boat go!  This activity was a favorite.  I think we did this over 20 times.  We'd leave to go do something else and they kept coming back to this!
There was a bouncy house set up.... ideal for the little kids.... Hey Dad, this is for little kids so put me in there!
And they had a big bouncy obstacle course.  I thought it was too big for Addyson until she amazed me and made it through the WHOLE thing....
several times with ease!!!!
You'll have to excuse the excess pictures in this post.... the outdoor shots are great!  I love the lighting.  It is a good time to capture different angles and expressions of my kids!
So that's what I did.... crazy windblown hair and all!
I took Ethan to the side to get some pictures with a background and he was not impressed I pulled him away from the fun!
He wouldn't look at me.... he just kept looking over where the other kids were and tried to figure out how to escape from the camera and get over there!
Mom, if I give you a half smile can we be done with this?!?!
Then it was maze time.  Brad waited with Ethan (since he had no armband) and Ethan got to do the little kid hay bale maze....
while I went in the corn maze with the big kids!  This maze had no map to follow so we weren't really sure where we were going.  Thankfully the kids are small enough where they don't care or notice if we make it out the true exit or not!
They quickly got distracted by the corn growing on the stalks!  We had to stop and pick some!
And clean it right there!
They wanted to take this corn home for dinner but this wasn't the human  kind... it was grown just for animals so we decided to take it home, dry it out, and give it to the rabbits that live in our backyard!
After lots of walking we made it out..... we exited through the entrance but the kids didn't notice!  We were just happy we made it out before dark and didn't have to spend the night in there!
And the kids  brought a gift for Ethan... they are always thinking of him... especially Addyson.  If one of her brothers is not around she is getting for them what she is getting... you would think she was the oldest of the crew always watching out for the others! : )
Me: Hey Owen, you don't have to smile so hard (from previous picture) just be natural.... laugh!
...... um, that's sort of what I meant! : )
I hope one day I'll be able to get a great picture of all 3 doing their natural smiles.... they all have the best smiles ever (coming from their mom) but for now.... I will continue to post several pictures.... showing the best of each of them.... individually! (now my blogs will be longer and my blog books bigger but what is a mom to do?!?!  Photoshop?!?!  If only I had time! : )  )
Standing pictures are hard..... Ethan just wants to run around... so we tired the sitting down pose... you see how well that worked out! : )
We must have told Owen to show off his corn cob... I don't remember that but by the way he just holds it up so mater-of-factually in each picture makes me think that!
Now this is getting close to sweet!  Ethan has the best smile ever but I can't get him to do it for any posed pictures!!!  Ugh!
True love in its most innocent form!
Always helping and watching out for her brothers!
Brewster Family Fall 2012
"Come on lil buddy!"... this is what she says to him as she guides him throughout the day!  I love it!
More profile pics.....

Hayride..... The boys wanted to sit with me.... Addyson wanted to sit alone across from us... didn't even want to come pose with us!  Stinker!
Ahhhh.... there she is!  The driver talked her into coming over for a picture!  I just didn't want her reading the blog book 20 years from now and wondering why we didn't let her ride on the hayride with us!! ; )
Brad didn't have an armband so he didn't get to ride....that's okay, he got to take pictures of us instead.  And the kids like waving to him!  Ethan is now a pro at waving!  He'll seek people out to wave to them!  Once he realized where Brad was standing, he'd look for him and wave to him!
The hayride was a success!!!  The driver stops at one point and gets each kid a corn cob to take with and then he drives us through the corn maze through a part they made just for the truck!  It was fun!
Before leaving we had to do another round of fun!  This time we let Ethan in the bouncy!  He loved it!
Addyson hit the obstacle course!
And then I got brave and put Ethan in the big bouncy.... I was so afraid of him getting trampled by big kids but I stuck close.  He LOVED it!!!!  He is easily impressed when he thinks he is doing big kid things!  I know he can tell the difference and he acts different.  It is really cute!
Hey Mom, come get me!
Ethan was extra impressed when Owen and Addyson came to play with him in the big bouncy!
Addyson stuck her head out of the entrance and started yelling to people "Wanna come buy some"
Love these kids!!!  I love making memories like this!  And the thing is, Owen will remember them.  He remembers the fine details from the maze last year and many things prior to that so I know that high price for the armband was well worth it!! : )

The kids wanted to go through the maze one more time before we left.  I asked the people at the entrance of the maze if Brad could go instead of me... I was actually looking forward to the quiet time sitting down.... and they said he could go and that I could go too!  So.... off we went...this time determined to find the exit!
We walked and walked and walked!!!  Ethan even walked a lot of it.... the ground was pretty uneven but he did a great job (with the help of Addyson of course) making his way through!
Owen, are we ever going to find our way out of here?!?!  I'm telling you.... we tried!  We walked, turned, hit dead ends, walked some more.....
and we were all getting tired!  So, before Brad had to put Ethan on his shoulders AND a kid on his back we headed to an exit we knew we'd find.... the entrance!  The kids were just as excited to find the entrance and the exit.... remember, they don't know the difference!  All we knew was we had fun, we made it out before dark, fun memories were made, and Ethan LOVES riding on daddy's shoulders!  A perfect evening at the corn maze!

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