Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dentist Check-Up

This morning I had to take all three kids to the dentist by myself... and I would be lying if I didn't say I was dreading it!  The last time I went Addyson screamed the whole time.... Owen was brave but needed some comfort.... how was I going to split myself between the two AND deal with the baby?  So I canceled Ethan's appointment.... we'll introduce him to the dentist by watching his siblings and he can have an appointment when he is older.  So that took one kid off my worry list!  So I headed across town bracing myself..... and I really didn't have to worry until we pulled into the parking lot.... see, I hadn't told the kids what we were doing.... they just thought we were taking Owen to school as usual.  I had been spelling d.e.n.t.i.s.t the whole morning..... I wanted to avoid any unnecessary worry and crying and that worked!
And when we got to the dentist office we got to go right back so there was no time to sit and worry about what might happen!  And Addyson was brave!!!  She had to put her head in my lap (her request) but she did it all by herself and with NO tears!!!!  I was so proud of her!!!!  She even let the hygienist brush and check her teeth!!!  A BIG improvement from last year!
While I was with Addyson Owen was in a chair on the other side (I couldn't reach him) ALL BY HIMSELF!!!  He climbed up in his chair, laid back, and let the hygienist brush, check, and scrape his teeth!!!!  I was so impressed!!!  Much better experience than their first visit a year ago!!!  And they both got a cavity free check up from the dentist Dr. Ward!!!
While the kids were getting their teeth, Ethan watched on from the stroller and with his very own tooth brush to keep him occupied!  I was thankful that there was no crying from my big kids.... hopefully Ethan will have a better first visit than the other two did since he is being eased into this!
And speaking of teeth, this little guy finally got his right lower lateral incisor!  I wondered why he was having some sleeping issues last week.... then I saw it!  His teeth had been coming in two at a time but stopped with his lower lateral incisors..... he got the other one months ago!  I think there are more teeth coming.... maybe the one year molars.... he is chewing on his fingers and restless at night! I hope they make their appearance soon!


Darcy Losh said...

I know how hard it is to handle three kids all at the same time! How old are they? Well at least, they’re all brave enough not to shed a tear. Just keep on explaining to your kids the importance of dental checkups and that there’s nothing to be afraid of dentists.

-Darcy Losh

Jamar Schaffer said...

Aren’t they close with their dentist? It’ll surely help if they can somehow bond with their dentist. If possible, make them friends. It worked for my kids. :] It’s easier to tow them to the clinic when they’re looking forward to seeing their friend. -->Jamar Schaffer

Seth Webster said...

Kids love places where they can enjoy themselves. So, in addition to what Jamar said, kids would definitely love to go back to their dentist if they are given fun things to do or play with. Toys, and cool stuff like toothbrushes and toothpaste, will teach children that going to the dentist is a very wonderful experience! It will also encourage them to keep to healthy dental habits.

Seth Webster