Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ethan is 1

Ethan is now 12 months old!!!!  He has reached a year!!  Where has the time gone?!?  I feel that time is flying with the 3rd child.  I don't have as much time to sit and stare at him and take it all in.  I have to admire him on the go.  I noticed that every year the number of blogs I write goes up significantly.  I think that is because I'm trying to hang on to ALL of the moments.... big and small!  I love looking back and remembering different things!  You know what is hard.... to try to remember things that have happened over the month without any help!  I tell myself I'm going to write his monthly blog post throughout the month but that NEVER happens.... I can barely keep up with daily blog posts so trying to plan ahead just isn't going to happen.  So, as I look back on this month I hope I remember it all!!!
This past month was a little rough because he wasn't himself and I didn't know what was up.  I assumed teeth!  He didn't sleep well, he nursed every 45 minutes to hour, and he didn't eat that great.  I finally took him to the doctor and found out  he had a double ear infection!  After a couple of doses of meds he was back to his old self!  Our smiley guy!  He is now sleeping for 3 hour stretches and then nurses.  He still sleeps with us.... I tried to move him to a bed on the floor but the ear thing messed that up.  He goes to bed around 7 and then gets up anytime between 5:30-6:30.  He wakes up happy and ready to go!
He is very independent!  He can occupy himself for hours!  It is so nice.  He just checks in with me if he is hungry or tired.  He knows where the toys are and knows where to find what he likes.  He also likes to follow the big kids and go play with them in their room.  He can climb up on Owen's bed and is very proud of himself for that!  He has also figured out how to climb the ladder to our playhouse outside!  He loves long items he can carry around and he likes things that make music!  He has figured out how to make most of his toys work/turn on all by himself!  He also likes to play in the drawers, cabinets, and dishwasher in the kitchen!  If you close the dishwasher and don't let him play he'll scream at you!  He is also a HUGE fan of playing outside. Again, if you close the door and don't let him out, he'll scream!  Addyson has introduced him to the swing and he is a huge fan!  Not only is he independent... he is determined!!!!  Don't try to stop him or take something away.... he doesn't like that!!  He screams!!!  He also sets himself down on the ground and puts his head down.... a mini temper tantrum.  He is very strong.... it is often hard to pry things from his little hands!!!!  Not only does he scream when he is mad.... he still screams all of the time.  I've left the store with a headache before!  We get so many looks from people and it is starting to be a little stressful for me..... I hope he gets more words soon!
 He is super smart!!!  He can sign "all done" and "up".  He has also said "up".  He even follows directions!!!!!  I can say "Ethan, come this way" and he follows!  I have told him when certain things are off limits (outlets) and he leaves it alone!  He also waves "bye", gives kisses and hugs, and smiles with/flirts with everyone!  He also has a sound/noise for dogs.... he LOVES dogs and when he sees one while we are out he keys up on that and says his "gog" noise!
He is a good eater... when he feels good.  He loves meat of all kinds, eggs, cheese sticks, guacamole, peas, green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, beans (of all kinds), carrots, asparagus, sweet potato, turnips, crackers, and yogurt.  He doesn't like fruit.... I can't get him to eat it!!  The closest I've gotten are those squeeze packs and I give him those while we are out and about and he'll eat that.  But fresh fruit...nope.  I guess I like that he doesn't really have a sweet tooth!  One day I guess he'll eat fruit.  I don't worry too much..... he is very healthy.... and very active so he must be getting enough of what he needs!  He still nurses about 4-5 times a day and 3-4 times at night.  I'm in no rush... at this point to wean him.... we'll probably go at least another 6 months.  Our healthy guy is....
Height- 30.5 inches (72nd %)
Weight- 23 lb 7 oz (60%)
He walks, walks fast (no run yet), climbs, dances, and rarely crawls.  He is on the go!
What are your favorite items in the house? Long skinny items I can carry around in my hands and/or carry in my mouth.  I loves bubble wands, drum sticks, markers, straws, and spoons.
What is your favorite drink? Breast milk, water from a straw, and mom just introduced me to goat's milk to see if I like it....not bad but, she doesn't give it to me often.... only when a babysitter is here.
What is your favorite food?  I am on a meat kick.  I LOVE all kinds of meats.  I also tried cheese sticks and I LOVE those!
What is your favorite toy?  I like the bin of kitchen toys!  I'm always finding something in there to carry around.  I love to put the circle pizza pieces in my favorite but my mom hates it!
What is your favorite seat?  Seat?!?!  I don't like to sit.  I have started to like to sit in the tv room with my brother and sister.  I sit in front of the couch on the floor and watch their show.
Who is your favorite person? Owen and Addyson, Addyson spends a lot of time trying to get me to laugh and she is very good at it.  She also tries to pick me up which frustrates my mom. I look up to Owen and likes when he talks to me.
What is your favorite show? The tv is fun! I like it when music plays on there and I can dance!
What is your favorite thing? I love to blow bubbles in my water cup!!!!!  I also love to dance!  I bounce and shake my head!
What is your favorite thing to do? Put things in my mouth, I can always be seen carrying something in my mouth.  I also love to dance!  I also love being outside!
What is your favorite song? Baa Baa Black Sheep and now I like to bounce to all kinds of music!
What size clothes do you wear?  I wear 12-18 month clothes.... even though my mom tries to squeeze me into smaller clothes sometimes.... she needs to switch out my closet and realize that I'm a growing boy!
He is SO BIG!!!!  Happy Birthday "baby" Ethan!!! I can't wait to see how you grow and change and become a little man!!!  Big things are in store for you!!!  We love you more than you'll ever know!!! 

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