Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ethan's Birthday Evening

Ethan's birthday was celebrated without Brad..... he has been at his new job about 5 months and has only had to travel a couple of times and of course it would work out where he was gone 4 days this week and miss E's birthday.....Ugh!  At least he'll be home for his party tomorrow!  But it really worked out okay.  Addyson and I hung out with E today, we played outside this afternoon (one of E's favorite things to do), and then we went to dinner with Nammie tonight!
And dinner was fun!  We went to Colton's and it was that busy so I didn't mind much that the kids were a bit more active. (First I have to remind myself that how long it took me to get to Colton's..... it should take 5-10 minutes from my house and I drove for 30!  My mom wanted to meet at Colton's.... I drove to LoneStar.   I called her to let her know I went to the wrong place and was coming.  I then drove to Outback (complete opposite direction of Colton's).  Ugh!  I called my mom again and said, "OK, WHERE is Colton's???"... can you tell how often we eat out at steak places?!?! : ) )
As usual, Addyson was super helpful with Ethan!  If he would scream she insisted that he needed a drink so she was constantly trying to help him with his water!  She is very in tune with Ethan and is always wondering what he needs or does he need to be entertained.  I'm glad we didn't just stop with Addyson.... I think she NEEDED a younger sibling.... she is very nurturing and helping him helps give her a purpose/job!
Ethan wasn't really into the rolls they gave us to hold us over until dinner so we gave him something else.... "WHAT is this?!?!  A lemon?!?!  That's not food!!!!"
And finally our dinner came.... happy, eating kids!!!!  My little clan at dinner!
If you go out to eat with us you might not want to sit next to Addyson.  If you are beside her then your plate if fair game.... and it probably looks better than what she has on her plate.....
and she just helps herself!  Thankfully Nammie didn't mind.... I think Addyson ate just as much off of Nammie's plate as Nammie did!!!!
Birthday Boy and his Nammie!
After dinner Ethan wanted out of his highchair and wanted to know where his dessert was!
At Colton's they give ice cream.... I was actually thankful it wasn't cake since I wanted to save that for tomorrow night at his party and when Brad is home. " Happy Birthday to Ethan!"
We gave Ethan and spoon and just let him dig in.  This had to be a bit overwhelming for him since we save desserts of any kind until our kids' 1st birthdays.
It didn't take him long though to get his first spoonful in!!!
Hey, this stuff is pretty good!!!
When the spoon doesn't hold enough just use your hands!
"Hey, did you ask if you could have a bite?!?!"
What E will soon learn is that all desserts are fair game to the family.  We all get spoons and pass the dessert around!  We are all celebrating with him!
Ethan thoroughly enjoyed his dessert.  Watching him eat it was SO fun.  He would put his spoon in the cup, shake it all around, and squeal!!!  He was loving the whole experience!!!!  He ate some... mainly whipped cream..... he played more!  It was a birthday treat for us all!! 
And then it was over.... and that wasn't so fun...... "I want more!!!"
Turns out Ethan wasn't the only one that needed cleaning up.... this girl is SO messy these days!!!
Sweet sugar lips!!!
"I'm so funny"
She strives to be the funny one and most times succeeds!!!  Tonight was no exception!
Ethan took his "prize" away to carry around the rest of the night.... his straw!!!!  A favorite in his books which is why I ordered cute cups with straws for his party tomorrow night! : )
Owen is showing off his drawing..... he took his backpack with him full of items to draw and color with.  He is SO into that these days and it is cute that he takes along stuff to keep him occupied!  Addyson also takes along 2 purses with her wherever she goes these days!  She got into the restaurant and put them on the back of her chair like I do!!
From the restaurant we went over to Target so Ethan could pick out his birthday present.  He had lots of help although it looks like he did fine showing us what he liked!  We let him walk the whole store.... this helped burn off the sugar from his dessert and wear him out for bedtime later!! ; )
This is what my mom does for all of the grandkids on their birthdays. She takes them out for dinner/treat and then shopping for a present.... this is a great way to not only spend one-on-one time with the kids but to also make sure you get them what they want and a toy/gift they love!!!  This year we went with Ethan but mom let me know that this will be the last year!!!  Next year she gets to take him by himself.... it is their special day!
Ethan picked out this guitar.  He LOVES music and when he saw this he was hooked.  He was smiling like crazy and bouncing to the music!  We knew this was the perfect gift.  We also went to pick him out an outfit and he kept sitting down to play with his new toy.... and the big kids liked it just as much!
Happy Birthday little guy!!!  I hope you had the best day ever!!!!  I think you are going to bed one happy little 1 year old!!!!!  We love you SO much!!

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