Friday, October 5, 2012

Ethan's Birthday Party

 Ethan LOVES bubbles.... he loves to blow bubbles in his cup through a straw, he loves balls, and loves the bubbles in the air so we had a bubble party for our little guy!!!  The plan was to have the party at our house, outside, and I had lots of fun activities planned........
 The weather put a damper on our plans.... sunny and in the 70s yesterday.... today rainy and in the 40s.... ugh!!!!  I am SO thankful the Boys & Girls club is right down the street from us and they had a room available!!!!  I didn't want to move E's party into our house with the bubble theme and because we have an adult party at our house tomorrow night so paying the small fee and moving the party was worth it and worked out perfectly!!!!
 For the bubble theme I had a bubble cake and bubble cupcakes made and then I bought these cute "jugs" for the kids that had a chalkboard sticker on it for the kids to write their name on it and then use a straw to drink with.  I had milk and lemonade for the kids!  (We were suppose to have a bubble blowing contest using the milk bu that totally slipped my mind and being away from our home and the access to whatever I needed was a bit hard.... I didn't PLAN to have a party away so I forgot a few things.... oh well!)
We also had 2 bubble machines going!  At first I tried to put them down low to blow the bubbles out at the kids but Ethan quickly showed me that was a bad idea..... he could stick his fingers in their so we had to quickly move that!!!
 I also brought plastic "bubbles" from the house and had those all over for the kids to play with!
 The boys entertained themselves for a long time throwing the plastic bubbles at each other!!!
I also had big bubbles floating behind a lot of the chairs!!!
As I was taking pictures of it all..... Isabella said, "Ms. Ambre, take a picture of me!!"  if only Addyson made it that easy!! : )
I'm rarely in pictures so when I was chatting with my friend and she asked me for my camera I happily handed it over!!! : )  My and my baby.... my forever baby!! : )
And here is my friend and Ethan's youngest guest... baby Lily!
And to take advantage of the moment.... I called Brad over.  My biggest regret with parties is I don't take enough pictures.  I take some and then get distracted and then don't get enough "posed" pictures with important people!  At least we got this picture of the birthday boy and his parents before he ran off to play!
Coolers and hula hoops... what more do a couple of boys need?!?!
Despite the yucky weather and last minute location change we had a great turnout and the party came together pretty well!
And it was a nice treat to hang out with some friends we don't get to see often anymore!!!  Here Andreas is showing off the "jugs" I got for the kids and Can is showing off the noise makers!! : )
Then it was time for dinner!!!!  We had pizza delivered to the Club!!!  Ethan and the rest of the kids loved it!  I had more sides planned but a lot of them got lost in the transfer!  I had Ethan's favorite noodle salad, carrots with ranch, and grapes.  Enough to get us though until the cake! :)
All the kids sat at the long table and the parents stood to the edge of the room to eat.
Bryan and Ashley sat by Ethan with Holden.  I was SO glad they were there because Ethan's highchair was falling apart.... the bottom wasn't in properly.... so when I got up to get something or greet someone the Striglers kept and eye on the birthday boy for me!!!
Sweet Holden sat in the chair like a big boy!!!!  He and E are just a couple of months apart!
And then it was time to play again!!!  Lots of running around was done!!!  Man... was I SO glad we weren't at our house!!! : )
Then we started the bubble painting.  I had the kids make their own bubble wands out of the pipe cleaners and I also had cookie cutters that worked too!!!
Pick a color, dip your wand/cutter, and blow onto your paper!!!!
I wish I had more bowls so I could have the 4 colors more times to go around.... again, would have been more possible if we were at my house!
But the kids made it work with a little reaching!!! : )
I think the kids loved it!!!  I just used a bubble solution I made up and then added 3-4 drops of food coloring to make the colors!  It was perfect!  If you see the green drink jug on the table, that is the bubble refill station where the kids could get more bubbles if they ran out of solution.
Then I had bubble wrap to pop!!!!  Long strands of bubble wrap I put on the floor for the kids.  Ethan was quick to check it out and see how to pop them!!
I put it on the floor for the kids to walk on with their shoes off so they could feel it on their feet. Ethan and baby Millie loved it!  The babies got to enjoy the bubble wrap in peace.....
while the big kids were occupied bubble painting.....
and then they saw what was going on and the painting was over.....
and it was a popping party!!! : )
A party that lasted a long time!!!!!
It was a HUGE hit!!!!
I loved that ALL of the kids loved it!!!  This activity was the biggest hit!!!
Mom, do you see what we are doing over here?!?!  It is SO fun!!!  Take your shoes off and come join us!
When the jumping and stomping wasn't cutting it, they moved to popping it with their hands!
By E just kept "stepping it out" on it!!!  He was marching, it was SO cute!!!!  I think he loved it on his feet!!!
Done popping bubbles?  Make a tug of war "rope"!!!!
Then it was time for cake.... maybe I should have done cake first so the kids could burn off the sugar they were about to eat!!!!  I wanted a bubble cake, smash cake, and bubble cupcakes!!!!  Didn't they turn out great?!?!
In the background I have the bubble picture Bryan Strigler took for me!!!  I love the way this looks!
Here is his smash cake.  I got everything from Harp's!  When you get it from then you get a free smash cake for a first birthday!!!!  The cake is SO good and it is affordable!
Our family
of 5.... and you'll never get all 5 looking!!! : )
What's this?????
"Happy Birthday to Ethan!"
Sweet Birthday Boy
Make a wish!
Dig in!!!
Ummmm.... what's this????
Mom, you try it to make sure it is safe!
I won't eat it but I'll pat it!
We tried and tried to get him to eat the cake but he wouldn't.  He wasn't interested.  He doesn't like sweets.... he didn't like this.  He kept picking it up and trying to move it off of his tray!
What???  What do you want me to do with this????  I don't like it!
I can play with it a bit if you want but that's about it.....
Mom, seriously, take a bite... help me eat this thing so I can be done!
Now this is fun!!!!! : )
Even though I don't like cake and don't want to eat it, I'm still having fun!!!!
His first taste he did himself.....
And then he was done!!!  Yep, that was it.  No cake eating!  Nothing like the other two!  Oh well.... guess I shouldn't complain!  He doesn't like sweets!  We tried! : )
Back to playing!!!!
Ball in hand!  He's happy again!!! : )
And the big kids were back to the bubble wrap.... now it was dresses for the girls!!!!  This bubble wrap was a total hit and worth the $8!!!! It served as so many different things!  Who would have thought?!?!
Uncle Kellen, wasn't this the best first birthday party ever?!?!  What a great bubble party!!!  Happy birthday little guy!

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