Saturday, October 6, 2012

Ethan's Gifts

So I've recently talked about how we are overwhelmed with "stuff" over here and let me say, there is NO shortage of toys.... at least not toys that are at Ethan's level so we wanted to "give back" instead of getting this year.  We also wanted to stick with the bubble theme so we asked for donations of shampoo and conditioner for Peace at Home shelter instead of gifts and we got a good mix of both!
Last night we got home WAY past bedtime so we opted to open gifts on Saturday morning.  Let me back up and say I am NOT a fan of opening gifts at the party.  It is SO crazy and it is already crazy enough so why add extra chaos?  I prefer to open gifts after nap time or bed time after the party.  The child is rested.... I'm rested... and it isn't crazy!
I'm not sure if my idea follows party etiquette but... it works for us AND I've had several moms tell me they LOVE the idea and they appreciate it that I've done it and made it "okay".... well as okay as Ambre says it is : )
So we woke up Saturday, ate breakfast, opened gifts, and Ethan ate tags as happy as a lark!  It was perfect!
He got to tear up the paper into little pieces, like he loves to do, and he wasn't rushed! He didn't have many gifts to open but he got to enjoy every gift because he wasn't up against a time when he had to leave the room.  Nope, our whole morning was dedicated to opening gifts, tearing paper,
sharing in the fun with his siblings
talking about who gave what gift.... like this $2 bill which is SO special in our house because it is give by Great Grandma Blessing every year.... you can count on her card to show up the day before your birthday....she never forgets even though she sends out more than 50 cards ever  year!.....
and he had time to play with gifts.... loving every second of it and not moving on to the next gift until he was ready.....
and if he wasn't ready.... his siblings just moved on to the next gift for him if THEY were ready.....
and thankfully he is little enough that he didn't mind that they were opening his gifts... he was busy....with the last gift.... enjoying it........
so his brother took the opportunity to play with Ethan's new cars while E was busy playing the drums!  It worked out for everyone!!!!  See, another rule we have is you don't HAVE to share birthday toys that day.  They are your special toy and you get to set the rules for play.  If you don't want to share.... you don't have, the siblings sit on the outside.... like a vulture..... waiting for the birthday kid to get distracted with something else so they can go in for the "kill" and try out the new toy!  It turns out that everyone gets to play with the new toy it just happens to be on the birthday kid's terms!
We acquired 20 bottles of shampoo and conditioner for Peace at Home!!!  We were all happy about that and I'm sure the women will be too!!!!  It feels good to give back and I hope that by teaching this at a yonge ag our kids will continue to want to do so in the future!!! : )
Now that all of the gifts are open we've got to clean up this mess!!!!  Mommy and daddy have a party here tonight!!!!  One party and celebration down.... one to go.... what a busy and exciting weekend!

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