Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ethan's Obsession

 Ethan has a slight obsession these days which has also led to him saying his first word (beside mommy and daddy), can you guess what it is?!?!  He is obsessed with dogs!!!!
 If he sees a dog, he beelines for it.  As he is walking towards it you hear him say "dog dog" (he has now shortened it to "dog") the whole time.  He then gets right next to the dog, gets in its face, and stands there squealing.
 It takes him about 5 minutes before he pets the dog but once he does, you can't get him off of it!  He's obsessed.  If we take him away and put him down, he turns himself around and heads back for the dog.  If the dog walks away, he takes off in a "baby" run to catch up with the dog screaming the whole time.  He loves them!  If he is crying you can say "look for the dog" or something like there and that will quiet him down at times....we have a showed saved that has dogs on it we put on if we need to distract him!
They even stop him dead in his tracks!!!  We were trick or treating and he saw this dog and he stopped, stared, and said "dog dog" over and over again and wouldn't come with us!  We finally had to pick him up and put him in the wagon.  If he hears a dog bark he tries to make a barking noise.  It is a high pitch noise.  SO cute!   Looks like I have another little animal lover in this house!

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