Wednesday, October 10, 2012


It finally happened to me.... I got the "flute".... at least that's what Owen calls it!  He has told everyone today that his mom is sick with the "flute"... they are probably wondering what he is talking about.  I'll tell you.... I got the awful stomach bug that passed from the kids to me.  I woke up at 5:30 this morning knowing something wasn't right.... and it wasn't..... but, unlike kids and husbands, moms don't get sick days.  I throw up and then have to get Ethan out of the shower from Brad (E had a VERY bad explosion because of the bug and had to be cleaned).  I get sick again and then have to load up in the car to take Owen to his doctor appointment that has been scheduled for a month and a half for his "rewart" and other skin questions I had (I wasn't about to cancel it and have to wait another month!!).... thankfully my mom came with to help with the baby.  I kept it together at the doctor's office, made it taking Owen to school, and BARELY made it home.  Ugh.... having the "flute" and being a mom is NO fun!
 But I have to say I'm blessed with great family and friends!  Veronica took Addyson to school and picked her up!  Brad came home for lunch and took care of and fed Ethan!  And Angela picked up Owen from school and brought him home after entertaining him for a while!  I don't think I could have done with without the help!  I'm down and out and that's not easy when you are a mom.  Thankfully this bug only keeps you down for 36 hours!  Then it's back to work I go.... well I never fully took off.... how can you when you are a mom?!?!

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