Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween at Addyson's School

This post is going to kick off our busy Halloween day!  It was ONE day jam packed full of activities and fun and I'll probably turn it into 4 or more posts!!!  Let me say, I haven't had a day THIS busy in a while!  I was ready to crash when I hit the couch when the day was said and done!  I first rushed Owen across town to his school and then came to drop Addyson off at her school!  Ethan LOVES to help sign her in!!!
My plan was to sign her in, stay for some quick pictures (I thought they were trick or treating from class to class before chapel), and then take Ethan to the Botanical Gardens for their Little Sprouts Halloween party.  My plans changed as I hung around outside Addyson's class waiting to see what would happen.  As we waited, Addyson and Ethan had bonding time.  All she has to do is kneel down and he rushes over to her and waits for her to hug him/ pick him up.  While it drives me crazy, it is super cute and Ethan loves it!
Look, there were 3 cheerleaders in Addyson's class today... wearing the exact same outfit!!!  Here are two of them... the other way is a twin to the sister standing here with Addyson!  Cute Razorback Halloween fun!
We soon learned that there would be a Halloween parade on the way to chapel at 9:45 (I drop her off at 9) and then they would trick or treat after chapel.  Well there was no point to leave from 9-9:45 and then come back later.... so Ethan and I just stayed and hung out!
We sat off to the side and got to watch circle time!  It was cute to see a part of Addyson's daily routine!!!  It was just hard not being a distraction!  Addyson wanted to turn and wave to me and check on Ethan non-stop!
Then Ethan made his way over to the fun.... tell me THAT'S not distracting to a bunch of 3 year olds!!  I'm so glad her teachers are SO sweet and understanding.  They weren't phased by a baby in their group!
We were invited to stay from chapel so Ethan and I sat on the chairs behind Addyson's class.  It didn't take long for Ethan to want down and in on the fun!  I loved watching all of the kids listen to the word of God, sing songs, and say their prayers!  SO cute!  Made me wish Ethan and I went to her chapel more often!
Wanna know what else is sweet.... the love between these two!  I just love them!  Ethan would keep checking in with Addyson..... not me.... nope, his big sister!  He would make sure she was close.  When they would stand up he would stick close by and keep a hand on her.  When they sat down, he would walk around and go sit on her lap!  SO Sweet!
And watching Ethan get in on the actions was amazing!!!  I couldn't believe it!  He is SO smart.  He was watching the kids do the actions to the words of the song and he did it too!!!!!  Maybe it is time I start sending him to school!!!!
At the end all the kids bowed their head to pray.... Ethan stood up (and stood out like a sore thumb) to get a better look.  It was cute but I really hate being/ causing a distraction (mom my often asks why the kids and I don't go to church with Owen on his church days at school..... this is why!).  I ended up having to go get Ethan off the steps..... not so cute! ; )
Thankfully chapel is just as long as these little kids' attention spans so it was over just as Ethan was getting brave and it was time to go trick or treating!
It didn't take long before the hallway was filled with cute kids in their costumes going door to door saying "trick or treat"!
Addyon trick or treating at her room with Ms. Merrily.  Of course she had to pick out her treat.... she wanted to make sure 1) she didn't get a sucker and 2) she got what we brought to hand out (each kid had to bring a bag of treats to share)
And she did!!!  Look Mom!  She got the rice krispy treat we brought!  Anyone else prefer to hand out non-candy treats at Halloween time?  I wish more did!  Last year we gave bags of microwave popcorn!
At one point Addyson sat down with her good friend Ella (they have been in class together since the "baby" class at 1.5 years!) to look through their bags and compare their loot!  Cute! They were probably picking out the one piece of candy they were going to get to eat in their classroom!  What a yummy morning snack!  Addyson told me she ate her Rice Krispy treat as her snack! : )
 After all of the rooms had been visited, the kids headed back to their class!  How cute is Ethan walking back hand-in-hand with his sister!  I think staying here instead of taking Ethan to the Botanical Gardens was the best way to spend our morning!  Now on to rest and get ready for the next event!

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