Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween at the Square

After picking up Owen from school, we headed to the Square to trick or treat!  I love how the business on the Square come out to create a fun event for the kids of the community!  This is a fun way for my kids to trick or treat.... no scary ghosts or goblins lurking on doorsteps!!!
The only downside it finding a parking spot!!!  The event is from 3-5 so we came in on the second half meaning we could snag a spot of someone leaving if we got lucky.... and we did!!  We ended up with a close parking spot... downside is I had to get the kids out of the van and ready by myself while I waited for Brad to find us!
I got everyone out and they were ready to get started... making sure Ethan was part of the fun!!!
Try taking a picture of 3 cute trick or treats surrounded by distractions..... almost impossible!!!  If only I had the time to photoshop the 3 pictures together and get a perfect picture!! : )
Ethan loved checking out what was put in his bucket!
One of the fun things about trick or treating on the Square is running into friends!  I saw a friend I haven't seen in over 10 years!!!  Owen run into his buddy Coleman from school!  We also saw lots of other friends!  I love it!
Just like at the campground, Addyson had to ask for candy for her baby brother... and big brother if Owen wasn't keeping up!  Such a sweet girl!
This is Coleman and his sister that we ended up spending most of our evening with!  There was some candy sharing going on!
The policemen were there handing out stickers and tattoos and the firemen were there letting the kids go through the big firetruck!

After fully waking up (I had to get him up from his nap and quickly put him in the car so we could make it which is why he was sitting in the earlier pictures), Ethan was ready to get out, walk, and join in on the fun!
Trick or Treat
What did I get?
Addyson, look at this... it is a sucker!  We don't like these, right?!?!
Can I get something different???
Thought it was bad getting 3 kids together for a picture.... try getting 5 together for a picture..... especially with a 1 year old that wants to be trick or treating and a 3 year old that wants to "mother" the 1 year old..... impossible!!!!
Even with all of the craziness going on we managed to get a decent picture with Mayor Jordan!!!
Whew..... all of that trick or treating craziness made us hungry!!!!  We headed over to one of our favorite pizza places for some pizza and drinks before going trick or treating in a neighborhood!
While we were there Owen had the idea to take their picture by the window!!!  Hey, if they are up for a picture I'm willing to take it!!!!  And it turned out pretty good!!
Until Ethan wanted Addyson's headband!!!
He wanted to put it on!!!  This is a game we play with him.... especially in church if we need to keep him quiet!  He likes to put on headbands, hats, and sunglasses!
Then it was time for some yummy VEGGIE pizza... had to sneak in the healthy stuff somehow!!!  And Damgoode Pies has some of the best pizza crust around!!!!  If you haven't tried it... you must!
What do you do after dinner and sugary treats?!?!  Floss of course!!!!  One of the dentist offices were handing out tooth brushes and dental floss today and Owen was ALL about it!  I think that was his favorite thing he got!!!
Ok, bellies full and feet rested it was time to pack up and head to a neighborhood to do it all over again!  As Brad and I were loading up the van we turned and looked to see Ethan chewing on something.... he always has things in his mouth so we didn't think much about it until we looked closer.....
And he was going to town on it..... what was it?!?!  A sucker...... with the wrapper off.... and he loved it!  Who gave it to him?!?!
Addyson of course!!!!  They got a piece of candy of dinner so Ethan should have one too.... and he did!  Oh brother!  Turns out Ethan likes suckers so I guess he will be getting all of Owen's and Addyson's!   Great!

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