Saturday, October 20, 2012

Isaac's Birthday

Today we celebrated Isaac's 6th birthday with him!!!  I haven't been to his party in 2 years (last year Ethan was just days old and the year before that Brad and I were in Vegas so my parents took the kids to his party)!  I was glad we were all able to celebrate with him today in Superhero style at his neighborhood park!  It was the perfect day for a party at the park!
Isaac's birthday was actually a couple of days ago and the kids called him first thing in the morning to sing "Happy Birthday" to him!  His mom put him on speaker phone and I had my kids on speaker.  It was really sweet and Isabella was trying to figure out how we knew to call!
Back to the party.... the kids had a blast running around.  Their neighborhood park is one of the better ones I've been to!  It is so big and has a smaller area for little kids and a huge gym for the bigger kids!  Ethan played on both!!!  He is now a pro at stairs and climbing.... getting to almost anything he wants to! (sorry for the bad pic.... it is the only one I got of  him : (  )
Here's my little superhero!  Addyson was going to wear this and Owen was going to wear a mask but then Owen wore this and Addyson wore nothing..... I was worried but it worked out... they both had fun and were happy with what they were wearing (and not wearing!)!
Look at that play gym in the background!!!  Besides playing at the park the Dixons had some games planned!  Sack races!  Fun!
I don't think my kids have ever done these before!  This game was a hit!  I'll have to keep this one in my party bag! : )
The kids had to hop down, go around the balloon, and hop back!!!!!  Isaac the birthday boy won the boy's race!!!
Then it was time for the girls to go!  We scooted the balloon a little closer but they still had to go down and around!
And they actually did really well..... I was a little worried how they would do being younger and littler but that didn't stop them!
Addyson loved it and came in second right behind the winner!
They also had a balloon popping game where you partnered up with a buddy and tried to squeeze the balloon to get it to pop!!!  It was so much harder than expected!  Ms. Catherine came to help Owen and Can!!!!
No amount of squeezing seemed to work...... so Ms. Catherine ended up using her fingernail to get Owen and Can's balloon to pop first...... Shhhh!!!!  Don't tell anyone!
After pizza for dinner we had cupcakes for dessert.....
Addyson is turning into a cupcake monster.... eating her cupcakes much like Cookie Monster eats his cookies.... I almost can't take her anywhere and get her dessert!
What a ham!!!!
Then I have Owen.... the exact opposite.... he gets a bit of icing on his nose and he needs to wipe it off with a napkin asap.....
Nothing like Addyson's method of cleaning up after a frantic cupcake eating session!  I try not to worry too much..... it is a birthday party and she is having fun.... just need to make sure she doesn't take this eating method to the next level!  Happy Birthday Isaac!

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