Sunday, October 7, 2012

Little Photographer

We didn't go much today..... a lot of laying around.... and catching up with the guests that stayed the night!  We stayed in our jammies most of the day!  It felt good.  The big kids came home around noon and hung out with us.  Addyson found my camera and got to work documenting our afternoon! : )
Looking at this picture reminded me that as of this month..... I've been pregnant and/or nursing for 6 years straight!!!  Yep, 6 straight years NO break!  One day I'll have my body back all to myself.... for now.... I'll just enjoy nursing this little guy!
Besides taking pictures of other people and things, she LOVES to take pictures of herself.....
and she'll smile without the need for reverse psychology!!!  Maybe I'll just have her start taking all of her own pictures these days!!! : )
The kids are loving the space in the living room!!!  Maybe we'll keep it this way for a while.... as long as it doesn't become a dumping ground for toys!!!!  So far it has been used to run and do gymnastics!  I can live with that!
She was sure to capture ALL of the morning events..... even diaper changing!!!  She is as bad as I am!! : )
Can you tell I'm a little tired for last night?!?!  Not my best side BUT I couldn't leave it out.... look at Addyson's work!  Focused, centered, AND she got the model to smile!!! : )  Maybe she could teach me a few things!! : )

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