Monday, October 15, 2012

Losing Weight

I know there are lots of us out there that are trying to lose weight.... I'm one of them!  I'm no expert on the subject but I thought I'd share some of what I do in case anyone is looking for new ideas!  I know I'm always looking to others for tips to try to change up my routine so it doesn't get boring!!!  It something gets boring it is hard to stick to it!  For starters, I don't diet.  I'm not a planner or very organized so to try to count points or calories is too time consuming for me and to try to restrict myself from eating certain items just makes me want to eat them more!!!  So I just try to watch what I eat and make good choices.  If I want a "bad" item I just try to eat them in moderation.... I think that is the big key to losing weight.... moderation!  Eat one Oreo to fulfill that craving.... not 10!! : )  I think moderation is going to be the key to getting me through the holidays and not putting on any of the 11 pounds I lost last month!
One thing we've done is switch out our bread from regular bread to sandwich and bagel thins!  They are SO tasty and less calories!!!!  If you haven't tried them you need to!!! Another trick I use is swapping out  avocados and/or guacamole  instead of mayo!!!  And finally, I use Laughing Cow low fat cheese instead of cheese slices or cream cheese!!!!  If you are doing Weight Watchers, 2 triangles equals 1 point!!!!!  We get the herb one and it is SO good!!!!!
After a morning at the gym, this is a yummy breakfast bagel loaded with veggies that is healthy, low in calories, and high in flavor that leaves me full until lunch!!!!  What are some tips you do to lose weight, eat healthy, or get fit?

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