Saturday, October 6, 2012

Lucky 7

Ever since Brad and I got married I joked that we only had 7 good years of marriage before it all went downhill..... at least that's what I'd been told.  You know.... the 7 year itch. Each year as we celebrated our anniversary I'd tell Brad how many years we had left!  So we wanted to do something big for our 7th anniversary.  We thought about an "itch" party and we were going to have it like a wedding reception but we just couldn't pull off all of the details with Brad's work schedule and the rest of the craziness in our house.  So I wanted to come up with a different and fun idea around the number 7.
And that's when our Lucky 7 party idea was born!!!  We are Lucky in Love at 7 years.... not itching to get out (despite all of our jokes) so the theme seemed fitting!  I had been working out lots, lost weight, changed my hairstyle yesterday, and got a dress and boots (I've never worn an outfit like this) as part of my way to celebrate!!!!
We also knew in January that we'd be having a party of some sort and sent out an evite to out of town guests and the Kellers from Kansas City came in for the fun!!!  They have 2 kids that stayed in our RV during the party (sleeping)!  It was perfect!
Julie and Brad have been best friends since high school!!!!  It was fun to celebrate with them!
 Before the guests arrived, the kids "helped" us set up.... I think the girls just like digging in the ice!!!!  We set up the drink table with buckets of beer, the koozies, bottle of whiskey, and soda and I decorated it with the cards and dice.  We also had a snack table set up with nuts, chocolate, and snacks for later.  I forgot to take pictures of it all.
To help welcome our guests we put out the lanterns we had at the entrance to our wedding reception!!  These were suppose to help our guests find their way to our backyard but the weather put a damper on that plan..... we hosted the whole thing inside instead!!!
We handed out these koozies for our guests to use with their drinks.  "What happens at the Brewster's.... Stays at the Brewster's".... we were trying to stick with the Vegas theme.  I loved how they turned out!  We mainly served beer and then had some margaritas and whiskey for the people who were not fans of beer.
We had the party catered by Cafe Rue Orleans!!!  The food was excellent and it was SO easy to work with them.  If you have catering needs in the NW Arkansas area make sure to check them out!!!!  So yummy!  We also hired a server to stay the whole time to tend to the food and to check on people to make sure everyone had drink and anything else they might need!
The attention to details and to our requests was amazing!!!!
And then we had pettifors for dessert with the cassino theme!!!  I didn't use much for decorations.  Again, it was suppose to be outside and we had lots planned for out back so when it got moved inside last minute I didn't want to rush around to decorate.  I just used some cards, dice, and bubble gum chips to decorate.
The house was ready.... all we needed was our special guests to show up!!!  Georgia (my maid of honor) and her husband Josh drove in from Harrison to spend the night with us!!!! I met her my sophomore year of college in the dorms and we've been best friends ever since!
Colby was there too and so was my brother Ryan!  Colby was a groomsman in our wedding!  I met him during my first year working at the movie theater my senior year of high school!  We've been best friends ever since!!!  Ryan was suppose to be a groomsman in our wedding but, at the time, he was getting ready to deploy to Iraq and they wouldn't give him a pass to come.... : (  At least he is celebrating with us now!
As the guest arrived, the food was served!  We had 30 minutes of time to eat and mingle before the games began!  Lori is back there by Georgia, she was also a bridesmaid in our wedding.  She was my partner in crime the year Brad was in Iraq!
To accommodate the games, we moved our furniture out or pushed it to the side and it was actually perfect!!!  We had the Blackjack table in front of our fire place and the Craps table in front of our entertainment center.
We put the roulette table in our back tv room.  We also had the backyard set up with our lights on (Brad hung for the party.... to be hosted outside)... can you see the lights through the widow?  We also had a fire going in the fire pit and tiki torches going.  I wish I would have taken a picture.  I had told guests to bring jackets and some did and they went outside to enjoy the crisp evening!
To start your game play you had to come to the Craps table to get your ticket to take to any of the tables to get your chips.  We used a company out of Tulsa to rent the tables and they brought the dealers.  The dealers were great!  They taught us how to play the game if we didn't know and this was the perfect learning environment...... no real money on the line!!! : )
Nope, no real money was needed tonight.  Your ticket into the fun was a donation of men's clothing that we are collecting for a Veteran's home in our area.  And we got LOTS of donations.... silly me didn't take a picture of the HUGE pile!  Thanks to all who donated!  I know the home will be so excited to get all of the great items!
I think this was one of my favorite parties!!!!  It was SO stress-free for me!!!  Have the hired dealers who knew what they were doing and took control of the games was nice!  To have Ms. Teresa helping with food and drinks was also wonderful!!!!  She made sure the drinks were flowing.... no one had to leave their spot at the table to go refill!!!
And one of the best parts with the help was they cleaned up when they left!!!!  The worse thing about hosting in your home is the mess you wake up to the next day!!!  Not today!  They took the tables with them and Ms. Teresa cleaned up the kitchen!!!!
All we/I had to do was have fun.... and have fun we did!!!!  We were all playing, cheering, and hoarding our chips like it was real money.... well most of us were.  Brad and Josh went through all of their chips quickly and Brad talked the sweet girl into another ticket.... or two!  Don't worry.... they didn't have any advantage over us.... they went through their next set of chips just as quickly!!! : )
Others of us were having more luck and were winning like crazy!!!!  Kellen spent most of his night with Emily at the craps table winning big.  And I think that David and maybe the Villars spent a lot of time at Blackjack!  If you stayed at one table or bounce around was up to you!  It was great!
Here is Chris Frala!!!!  He knew Brad when they both worked at the movie theater (and so did Chris's wife Jamie) when Brad was in grad school before Iraq.  Then I met Jamie when I was in school working for a PhD.... small world!!!!
Jamie came and brought their new baby, Lily..... we had a baby at the Craps table!!!!  And Lily slept through the whole thing!!!! : )
Place your bet!
Jamie and Chris and Lily
All of my brothers were at the party!!!  Kellen was an usher and Aric was the alter server in our wedding!
Ryan and I..... Gina stayed home with baby Giuliana who wasn't feeling good today.
After 3 hours of play the games were over and the dealers counted up the chips everyone had won and gave each person a ticket that had how much they won on there....
then the bidding began for prizes!!!!  We had several prizes, from around our house, that we had put in paper bags for people to bid on blindly!!!!  I love that you didn't know what you might get... that was part of the added fun!
And then we all looked on with anticipation as gifts were unwrapped.  Some people (probably the non-gamblers) said this was their favorite part of the evening.  Lots of laughs!!!!
And lots of friendly competition when there were bidding wars!!!!  And some "embarrassing" moments.... like when Brad's boss won the most risque gift! : )
And David won the big prize..... he always does at my house!!!  If you are having a party with competition don't invite him..... you'll never win!!! : )  After this, most guest left.  Some stayed.... and we had a dance party in the middle of our living room!!!  We had rented a dj system for the party..... it played music all night.... and then we cranked it up and got our groove on.... like in Vegas..... and liek in Vegas.... what happened at the after party will stay at the after party.... no pictures of the fun here! ; )   It was perfect!!!!  What a great way to celebrate 7.... our Lucky in Love 7.... with family and friends!!!

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