Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Neighborhood Trick or Treating

 After trick or treating at the Square and eating dinner we headed to a neighborhood close to us.... we call it the "white house neighborhood" and this is where we go trick or treating every year.  The neighborhood has homes really close together, most of the participate, and most of the homes are decorated.  That means we get the full Halloween experience with minimal walking!
It is perfect for us!  The kids are usually tired, too many Halloween decorations and Owen is ready to go home, and Owen got cold (he didn't wear his long sleeve shirt because it was so warm earlier).  So we park our car, walk to about 10 homes, and then load up to head home!  Our neighborhood, there is more distance between homes (more walking) and not many participate (even more walking) so it isn't sure trick or treat'er friendly.
The routine is the same..... Addyson runs ahead (not afraid of anything)
 Addyson gets candy for her and Ethan (and probably asked for Owen or said her big brother is coming)
 And then Ethan wants to sit down and inspect what was put into his bucket!
 The added aspect to neighborhood trick or treating is the spooky automated things that go off when you walk by them or step on them.... Owen is NOT a fan!!!  See how he has his eye on this mat.....
 So Owen wants to get his candy and run and this lady hangs on to his bucket and won't let him go until he says "thank you".... which I get.... sort of..... the thing is, Owen is very polite and says "thank you" every time without prompting however....... at this moment he can't think past the spooky mat and wants to get the heck out of there.  I had to finally speak up for Owen and explain this to her so she would let him go!!!
 Here's a super cute picture of Ethan.... minus the fact that my head is cut off.... and no, Addyson did NOT take this picture!!!  Maybe I need to put her on camera duty!! ; )

 Ethan isn't usually a fan of holding hands but he is getting better about it if you are going where he wants to go.  He did pretty good keeping up with everyone and walking with the crowd going door to door!
 I thought it was really cute when all of them where up at a door trick or treating together.... Addyson was always the spokesperson for the group. : )
 Whew..... what a full day of fun with my little Razorbacks!!!!  We are ALL done and ready for bed!

First though, we had to go through the buckets and pick out a couple of treats to eat!  Now that everyone has a sugar high.... let's hope we can all get some sleep!!
And let me say, they both slept with their buckets right beside them and woke up with buckets in handing asking to eat candy first thing in the morning!  I need to candy fairy to come visit soon and take ALL of this candy away..... until next Halloween!!!

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