Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Night time Routine

Our night time routine usually means that I put Ethan to bed while Brad puts the big kids to bed.... it has been SO nice having him home these past 5 months.  Night time is SO much easier with two of us.  There were days I struggled to get ALL of the kids in bed by myself with no tears (by any of us).  Now, the kids go down fairly easy with Brad.  We use to tuck each kid in separately with a book, prayer, song, and story but now we have streamlined it to where we can read to both of them and say a prayer together before sending them to their own rooms to finish up tucking in.  Then, after I put Ethan to bed I go into each of their rooms, tuck them in, sing a song, tell them a story, and kiss them goodnight.  And most nights, unless extreme exhaustion has set in, we all go to bed happy!
This week Brad has been out of town so I'm back to tucking in all three by myself.  I have to admit that while bed time is pretty standard and the kids are pretty good about it and know the drill, I was worried/nervous!  I shouldn't have been.  Now that the kids are bigger they are even better at following through with directions and helping me out!  While I put Ethan to bed I asked them to go potty, wash hands, brush their teeth, put their jammies on, get a book, and get in bed (that's a lot to remember!)..... I use to be worried at what I would find after I laid Ethan...... tonight I was pleasantly surprised at what I found.... sweet siblings snuggled up in Owen's bed with Owen reading Addyson a story!  They were starting up our night time routine and all I had to do was finish it up and tuck them in!  Sweet dreams to all!

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