Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Owen's Hallowen Party

Owen had a Halloween party at his school at 2:30.  This falls right at nap time so I had my mom meet me at her house to watch the younger 2 while they napped there and I got to sneak out and spend some time with Owen.  When I got there the kids were all playing outside.  I love to sit back and observe him and see how he plays with the other kids and see who he is playing with!
While they were outside, I went inside and set up the room.... I'm the homeroom mom!!!!  I had a lot of fun planning the party and organizing things and then seeing it all come together.  It has been a busy 2 weeks as homeroom mom because Mrs. Neumeier's birthday was last week and I organized pulling funds together to get her a gift and then I had the pressure of going shopping for her!!!  When the kids came in they were SO excited to see everything!  It was so cute to watch!  Before they ate their snacks they all bowed their head to pray!  So sweet!
And then it was time for the party to begin!  I love how Owen is SO excited to tell his friends I'm his mom!!!  He comes up and hugs me and smiles!  So happy I'm there!  I'm going to enjoy this while it is like this for fear that one day he is going to pretend I'm not his mom and he'll want me to drop him off down the street so people don't see me with him!  Or maybe not.... maybe he'll never be embarrassed of me!! : )
The kids sat down so yummy snacks of cheese and crackers, fruit, and juice boxes.
And then they had some goodies to take home with them.  Spider sucker, pumpkin cookie, and goodie bags filled with candy, pencils, stickers, and tattoos!!!  The cookies were amazing!  Ian's mom is a baker and made them! : )
The kids were so excited to go through all of their goodies!!
Hey Mom, I can take the spider off my sucker!!!  They loved this!
And then it was time for games!  First game, bingo!!!
Not just any bingo, candy corn bingo!!!!  Halloween fun!
Concentrating hard to be the one to get "BINGO"!!!
And then they played ghost toss!!!  They had 5 big marshmallows that looked like ghost that they had to try and toss into the pumpkin!  It was so cute to see the kids cheer each other on!!!  We ended up running out of time for everyone to get to go so the rest of the class gets to play tomorrow (which is why I don't have a picture of Owen taking his turn).  I think the kids had a blast! 
The perfect way for these big kids to kick off their evening of Halloween fun!!!!  Let the sugar intake begin!!! : )

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