Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

We stuck good to our word and took Owen to a pumpkin patch this week!  We wanted to fulfill his wishes of a corn maze AND pumpkin patch!  There is a great little "patch" close to his school!  There is a church that puts on a pumpkin patch every year to sponsor their youth!  They have TONS of pumpkins of all sizes and a few photo opportunity set-ups!  He was excited!
Actually, all of the kids were excited!  I make it sound like we did this just for Owen..... we did it for all of them... it is just Owen that is so verbal about what he wants to do because he remembers things from last year or hears kids in his class talking about things.
Again, another great night!  Perfect weather and perfect for pumpkin photos!  So.... beware.... another post full of picture and short on text!  I'm mean... who needs to comment on photos like this..... Addyson trying to pick up a pumpkin that weighs close to what she does!!! : )
Ethan LOVED it here!!!!  He wandered from pumpkin to pumpkin.... never slowing down.... and never stopping for a picture!  I had to get him on the go!
There's a smile!
You trying to take my picture?  You'll have to catch me!! : )
Then we had our wagon loaded up (of pumpkins to pose with) and we were ready to go..... except Addyson is crying because she doesn't want to ride.... she wants to pull the wagon!
Ok, that's better!  Addyson can pull, Owen can push, Ethan can ride, mommy can take a picture, and
Everyone is happy!!!  My little crew!
Wanna smile for a "posed" picture.... gotta make him laugh!!! : )
And you have to take the picture quick because it won't be long before Addyson is RIGHT there beside him, hugging on him, or in his face some how!
"Say 'Cheese' guys!".... poor Ethan.... he was so busy trying to get free from the kids that I must have gotten him moving... hence the funny look on his face!
Then I tell them to try to smile naturally and don't force it so much and this is what I got!  Oh brother!
Want a natural smile..... gotta distract them and make them laugh!
My little baby isn't a baby anymore!  All grown up and in kindergarten!
Then I gave Ethan a little pumpkin to hold on to to pose with.  I wanted him to sit down, hold his pumpkin, and smile.  Well he had other plans..... based on what we had been doing..... he stood up..
took him pumpkin over to the wagon....
and added his pumpkin to the other pumpkins in the wagon!  Smart guy!
"I pick this one!"
We met up with the Dixons at the pumpkin patch..... the kids had fun running around together and picking out pumpkins.... made it a bit hard for me to get my pictures..... but it was fun to watch!  Brad eventually called the picture taking off and we just let the kids do their thing!  How cute are the girls trying to pull their brothers?!?! : )
Strong girl Addyson is pulling 60 pounds of brothers and probably 30 pounds in pumpkins!!
Good lookin' group of kids!
Ethan is way too busy of a guy to sit for any kind of picture.  This is going to be the best family photo we are going to get for a while I think!  I'll take it!!!  Love my little crew!
After lots of pictures and lots of fun it was time to get serious about our pumpkins..... Brad had reached his threshold of picture fun and was ready to purchase our pumpkins and go eat dinner!! : )  We ended up putting back our "posed" pumpkins and picking out others!  Owen got one with no stem and Addyson got one with the biggest stem I've ever seen!  Now we are ready to load them up in our camping for our upcoming Witchy Weekend of fun!

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