Friday, October 12, 2012

Rainy Day

Today was a rainy and yucky day..... it is weird how the weather is SO nice during the week and then the weekend comes and it gets rainy and cold.  Ugh!  Well it was pouring rain and the kids and I were going crazy inside!  Ethan wasn't napping and was crabby, Addyson was just sitting in front of the tv requesting snack after snack, and I was getting frustrated with it all and feeling like a caged animal after being stuck in the house all week!
I decided not to let a little bit of rain scare me and I loaded up the kids to head to the mall to run around.  I knew I needed to drive somewhere to get Ethan to nap!  It worked!  He napped and we sat in the parking lot for a little bit to let him sleep a bit longer while Addyson watched the Lorax on the tv.... thank goodness for our van dvd player!  After about a 20 minute nap we headed inside!  It was perfect!
The kids played and played and then worked up an appetite.  We've been doing really good about eating at home but I gave myself a pass for today to eat out!  We needed to be gone from the house a bit longer!  We walked through the mall, to burn a bit more energy, and headed to the food court.  How cute is she with her 2 bags?!?!  She takes them everywhere!  She always puts the light pink one over her head and wears it like a messenger bag and then the other one over her shoulder like a purse.
Then we enjoyed a nice relaxing lunch.  We took our time.  We talked.  We took pictures.  We hung out!  We needed this!
I got the two kids a 6 pack of grilled nuggets kid's meal to share.  They burned through that and wanted more.  Instead of taking all of the kids with me, I just ran over to the counter to order them and kept my eye on our table.  Addyson did a good job of watching Ethan while I ordered!  They ended up eating 10 nuggets..... 5 each!!!!  wow!
My silly girl!  I had asked her how she was going to smile for her pictures at school and she said, "like this" and she smiled really nice and then she said, "And then I'm going to stick my tongue out!"  Spicy sis!
Then she did the sweetest thing ever.... she wanted to get a lemonade to take home to Owie!  And she wanted to do it by herself!  She stood in line and said, "I can do this mommy!" so I stood back.  This lady was watching her with a smile on her face as she listed to what Addyson was saying she was going to do!  Then it was Addyson's turn and she went up to the counter and said, "May I please have a lemonade for my big brother Owie?"  The guy wasn't too sure what she was requesting so I restated it for him after she tried 2 times.
The lady watching turned to me and said, "That is the sweetest thing ever!" and it was!!!  So proud of my girl....always thinking of and looking out for her brothers! This trip to the mall was just the thing we needed on this rainy day!

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