Friday, October 19, 2012

St. Joe's Fall Festival

Tonight was the Fall Festival at Owen's school.  We had planned on going camping this weekend but when we heard it was the Festival weekend we postponed our plans!!!  The school does a great job of talking up activities and getting the kids excited that we couldn't leave Owen out of the fun!!!
Here is our crew this year.... Razorback cheerleader, mascot, and football player!!!  And like last year, I'll be the Razorback cheer squad coordinator! : )
Our first stop was the cakewalk.  I was going to drop off the goodies I had brought for the game but the kids ended up getting hooked and played over and over again hoping to eventually win....
And Addyson finally did!!!!  She wanted a box of grocery store doughnuts but I talked her into this yummy plate of goodies from Rick's!!!!  Happy girl.  Poor Owen played a couple of more times hoping his number would be picked but eventually we had to leave and move on to other fun things!
And we had to keep up with Ethan!  He has been walking the hallways waving at everyone and checking out all of the costumes!!!  There is much holding him these days!
From the cakewalk we went outside to the ponies... I wanted to ride those before it got too dark!  Hey Mom, can you tell Nammie to put me down?!?!
Lucky kids got to ride ponies twice today!!!  And this time Ethan got to go for a long ride!!  Nammie walked with him for the whole ride!!!  He was SO happy!  Bouncing, smiling, and squealing with delight!  He is so happy these days to be keeping up with his siblings!
My football playing cowboy!
Tonight she got right on.... glad we warmed up her with Nate this morning!
Happy little mascot!
After ponies we went to the cafateria to eat.... the 7th graders were serving dinner to help raise money for their class trip to Washington D.C.  We had hot dogs and chili.  Then we picked a yummy dessert from Addyson's plate... so many good things to choose from!
Hey wait... that's not the original treat she picked out!  Turns out she took one or two bites of several of the goodies.... trying to sample everything on the plate.
Then we went downstairs to the new gym and found all of the games set up!!!!  Hit the chicken in the bucket!
Let mommy help you with that.... that hammer weighs as much as you do!
Pick a duckie
Fishing carnival style... I think Owen played this 4-5 times!
Fun with daddy!  My mom watched Ethan walk around while Brad and I split up with the big kids.  Brad and Addyson went one way while Owen and I went another and then we switched.... it just sort of happened without saying.... funny how that works!
Bug racing!
Doesn't that look real?!?!  From a distance I thought it was real and was wondering why the lady was holding it!  Yuck!  Thankfully they were just battery operated!
Knock out!
It was a knock out of an evening!  So much fun had by all!!!  And it only cost $5 per each big kid to get in!  That's cheap entertainment!!!  And I know we made that back on the plate of goodies from Rick's!  This was a great way to kick off our Halloween holidays!  Stayed tuned for more spooky fun!

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