Monday, October 1, 2012

What's on Sale

Brad and I started the Dave Ramsey course a couple of weeks ago to help us learn about budgeting.  Up until recently Brad's income fluctuated so we used that as our excuse why we couldn't budget.  We can't use that excuse any more!  I've always been pretty good about trying to buy what was on sale but now I'm even more aware of it!  I'm also paying a bit more attention to size of certain items.  For example the store had cauliflower on sale for $3 a head and in the very back was one that was significantly larger than all of the others..... that larger one will come in handy when feeding my hungry family of 5!  I also got the largest bunch of beets for the same price as all of the smaller bunches by looking at the bottom of the pile!  I feel that over time these little finds will help me save big!
 The other thing I try to do is find meat on sale.  I like to go to Harp's to get the smart chicken on sale.  They also carry a brand of pork I feel is more "friendly" that other brands so I'll check sales on that too.  I usually stick to cuts of meat I know.... chicken strips, chicken breasts, and pork chops.  Well today none of that was on sale but blade pork steak was.  I had NO idea what that was or how I would cook it but it was a great price so I bought two!  Then I came home and looked on the internet for a good recipie I could use.  I kept running into the problem of not enough time to prepare or not the right ingredients.  Then I found one that met all of my requirement and I gave it a try.
While the blade pork steak simmered in the pasta sauce, I roasted our veggies (a new staple in this house) and dinner cooked while the kids and I skyped my family in Canada.  I actually loved this dinner because it took very little prep.... I just hope it tasted good!
The true test would come at dinner time when I set the plates down to our little munchkins!  Of course, true to form, I warned Brad that I had NO idea if dinner would be good but it was cheap so that's all that mattered! ; )  (I rarely taste food while I cook.... I only taste food that has been simmering all day in the crock pot.... probably a big kitchen no-no).  When I got this pasta face smile I knew dinner must be good!!!  
Plates were cleared and seconds were had!  I think I'll save my second blade pork steak and made this same recipe in a week or so!  You should try it too!!!
 4 blade pork steak (bone in and your dog will love)
28 ozs tomato sauce (I used a pasta sauce I had)
10 ozs frozen peas
1 12 tsps worcestershire sauce
 1 tsp basil (dry)
1In large skillet, brown pork steak.
2Season with salt and pepper.
3Pour peas on top of steaks, cover with tomato sauce. Distribute Worcestershire sauce and basil over all. Cover, simmer for 1 1/2 - 2 hours.

The meat was SO tender and I served it over whole wheat pasta to round out our meal!

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