Saturday, October 27, 2012

Witchy Weekend Activities

Today the campground had many activities planned throughout the day which adds to our weekend of fun!  One of the neat things about camping weekends like this is you see so many other families that are camping with little ones!  When we first purchased our RV we didn't know anyone that camped regularly with kids and we thought we might be nuts.... now we see, in the camping community, there are lots of families with kids and we are not nuts.... or at least we are not alone!!!
And weekends like this are fun because it brings all of the kids together, gives them other kids to play with, and gives them a chance to make new friends!  It seems like a lot of the families come to this campground for their holiday weekends so won't it be neat to make this a tradition and have the kids make friends they see every time we camp!!!
One of the activities this weekend were trike races!  There are kids of all ages camping (we saw 1 month up to teenagers) so they broke the kids down into different age groups.  And the kids raced over and over again!!!
Owen won one of his races and won a free slushy!!!  He was very proud of them (we ended up leaving the campground and forgot to redeem it.... he reminded us 20 minutes down the road...oops!)
Addyson spilled in her first race going around the corner and I thought she was done racing but I kissed her booboo and she was ready to go again.... and again.... and again.... being just a little more careful in the turns.
She never won her race but she sure gave it her all and she had a blast!  She raced more than Owen did!
While the big kids were entertained by all of the activities.... Ethan was entertained by all of the dogs!!!  He loves them!  He follows them, stalks them, chases them down, squeals for them... he just can't get enough.  Thankfully most of the dogs here are friendly and most of the owners are tolerant of Ethan and let him get his fill!
There was a bouncy house obstacle course will a basketball goal in there!  The kids got a kick out of that!  There was also pumpkin carving in the pavilion but Ethan was ready for nap so we headed back to our camper for a break in the fun....
and to warm up and wipe noses!!!! : )
After nap it was FINALLY time to carve our pumpkins.... I don't think Owen could have waited another minute!  He has been wanting to cut these open since we got them last week!!!
This year was Ethan's first year to really get in on the fun.... I remember Owen's first pumpkin carving.... he cried when he saw the insides of the pumpkin.... he would run from the pumpkin and if you showed him anything he would cry..... I was wondering how Ethan would do but he didn't mind the pumpkin one bit.  He thought it was just another place to hide things..... like our baby monitor!
We also had some fun visitors for our pumpkin carving!!!! Georgia and Josh drove over to visit us for the afternoon!  That was a nice treat!  Josh always adds a fun "yuck" factor to activities that gets the kids even more into the fun! (oh, there was also face painting earlier which is what Owen has on his face.... Owen got a flag and Addyson got a rainbow)
I always love seeing Georgia and Josh but today I was extra thankful they were there...... Josh helped cleaned out the pumpkins so I didn't have to!!!!  Thanks Josh!
Ethan also helped clean out the pumpkins!!!
7h6While the guys did the yucky work, I took pictures and Georgia helped warm up hands!!!  It was nice to have 4 adults to the 3 kids!!!!  There were enough helping hands to go around!
Every year we let the kids draw their own pumpkin and then Brad has the tricky task of cutting the pumpkin out to drawing!
Here is Owen's pumpkin.... scary mouth, circle nose, triangle eyes, eyelashes, and eye brows!
Then it was Addyson's turn to draw!
Here is Addyson's pumpkin with the BIG stem.... big happy mouth, abstract triangle nose, triangle/circle eyes, and cheeks!
Let the family carving begin!!!
Our favorite part of pumpkin carving..... the pumpkin seeds!!!  Today we roasted them on the grill!!!  Yummy!!!
Here are our final masterpieces!!!  Here is Owen's!  I think Brad did a great job.... oh, after Addyson added cheeks, Owen went back and added some to his!
Here is Addyson's pumpkin!
Our kids and their pumpkins (well Ethan put his little pumpkin down), just the extra touch we needed to decorate our camper!  We are ready for tonight's trick or treating fun!
But before we fill up on candy.... we filled our bellies with yummy chicken and dumplings that Brad made at the campsite and we cooked outside in our crock pot all day!!!!

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