Friday, October 26, 2012

Witchy Weekend Night 1

This weekend we headed to Branson, MO to Compton Ridge campground for their Witchy Weekend.  We heard about it while we were camping there for their Labor Day weekend full of events and heard that Witchy Weekend was even more fun so we booked our site back then!  We were all looking to this chilly weekend of fun!  So much so that Owen didn't want to go to school this morning.... he cried... first time ever this year!  It broke my heart!  His 2 teachers had to get him and he was crying as I left.... I almost left with him but I knew that would just make the next time he wanted to stay home worse!  Besides, Brad went to work for a half day and there was so much to do that Owen was better off at school learning and then I just promised to pick him up early... and we did!
We actually have a perfect little routine we do when we have our weekend camping trip.  Owen and Brad go in for half a day, Brad comes home and helps me finish packing up, we get lunch to go, pick up Owen, everyone finishes eating, then Owen asks "How long until we get there?", I respond "5 minutes after your nap", everyone falls asleep shortly after, everyone wakes up and asks, "When will we be there?", I get to say "In 5 minutes!", and in 5 minutes we are in our spot!  Owen is ALWAYS amazed that Branson is SO close!  The same thing happens on the way home!
Witchy Weekend is a weekend full of Halloween events!  People decorate their campers, tents, and campsites and then there are hayrides and a haunted house on Friday night and activities Saturday with hayrides, haunted house, and trick or treating on Saturday night!  We didn't come as prepared as some.... but we did have a few decorations to put up..... Ethan tasted a few as we set up our spot!
Along with our decorations for our site, I found these cute drink cups and holders for us for the weekend!  Let the Halloween fun begin!
To say that camping is our favorite weekend of the month would probably be an understatement!  We LOVE it!  We love being outside and together!  The minute we pull into our spot it takes Brad about 5-10 minutes to get us set up and then we are free!  It is great!  The kids run and explore and we get to be a part of all of it!  This trip is going to be interesting because Ethan is really ON THE GO!!!   He is wandering from site to site and loving every second!  I think he has a permanent smile on his face!  I think we all do!
Ok, this isn't the best picture but it shows Ethan's shoulder riding handles!!! See how he grabs on to Brad's ears?!?!  All the kids have do this.... I find it SO funny!  Brad.... not so much! : )
Over Labor Day weekend we were late to every event..... I made sure to do this differently this time!  So, as soon as we got set up we headed to the hayride!!!
The hayride was a nice way to  kick everything off because we got to tour the campground and see how everyone was decorating their site!!!  Some were super impressive!  You can tell they've done this before!
This weekend it is a bit chilly but we came prepared!!!  Jackets and  hats for everyone..... next time though I need to bring gloves!  And just so you know.... Addyson is Miss Independent and prefers to sit by herself.... I guess she thinks she is bigger this way.... if it is this bad now.... what is she going to be like when she is 13.... probably won't get on the say ride as her family! : )  Owen is the opposite.... especially after spending all week in school.... I can tell he really treasures these weekends of lots of family time!
We all got a kick out of the hayride.... Ethan even more so.  He is really into waving these days and waved to everyone!  If he hears someone say "hi" or "bye" he'll start waving!  So cute!
After our hayride we headed back to our site for dinner.... a chilly dinner.... in more than one way.... we had warm chili on this chilly night!  Our hands got a little cold during dinner.... thankfully we had yummy chili to warm up our insides!
We wanted this trip to be light on cooking and clean-up so I made this chili yesterday so all we had to do was warm it up, serve, and enjoy!  It was perfect!  And all of the kids loved it!
While we ate we also go to wave at others as they rode the hayride through the campground!  So Addyson is checking everyone out.
Do you think Ethan enjoyed the chili?!?!  Looks like he did!!!  I packed the chili full of veggies (tomatoes, carrots, and bell peppers) which puts my mind at ease when we have these one pot dinners.... I want to make sure they are eating healthy while we are eating easy... especially on weekends that I know we will be eating lots of junk food!!!
Speaking of junk food..... that was our next stop after dinner..... the bit bonfire....
to do more than just get warmed up.....
... we also had to make the obligatory camping s'mores!!!!
Hey, where's my marshmallow?!?!
After s'mores it was time to go in our camper, get warmed up, and get ready for bed!!!  As much as I use to love tent camping.... I'm SO thankful for our RV that makes camping in the fall enjoyable with young kids!!!!  I love that when we purchased our RV last February we made the commitment to camp at least one weekend a month (minus the winter months when a lot of campgrounds are closed) and we have stuck to that!!!!  We are making so amazing memories and our memories of Witchy Weekend are just starting!  Can't wait for the rest of the weekend adventures!!!!

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