Saturday, November 10, 2012

13 Months

With the craziness of Halloween and the upcoming holidays I'm a bit behind on updating what Ethan is up to at 13 months old.  I've had no time to sit down and reflect OR take pictures.... so here are 2 iPhone pics that show with E is up to these days.  He is very smart for a 13 month old... I've had several people tell me he doesn't act like a 13 month old... he acts much older.  He climbs up the play place, Owen's bed, and is trying to get up on to other items but he hasn't quiet figured out how to get up on the taller items yet and he can go down the slide by himself.  He waves "hi" and "bye", claps, and mimics several other behaviors!  If he doesn't like something on his plate or what you are trying to offer him he 1) throws it over his head 2) swishes it away 3) puts it back in the bag or 4) drops it (like down this hole in the table).  He knows what he likes and doesn't like and doesn't want to be swayed or pushed in the other direction!
He studies our behaviors and other things and tries to figure out how things work or how he can get what he wants.  After he drops things he likes to see where they go!  Sometimes the item is still there.... sometimes it is in the dog's belly..... the dogs love having him around.... as long as he isn't trying to pet them!
 He doesn't like to sit still.... meal times are almost impossible!  He will sit for about 5 minutes and then he wants down.... he'll eat walking around.... and he feeds the dogs about as much as he eats!  He goes and goes and goes..... he is really good at playing by himself.  He still carries around a variety of "accessories" and loves to play with any of the musical toys and anything he can find in my kitchen.  He also loves playing with his siblings.  If Owen is down on the ground playing he climbs on Owen's back.  He follows Addyson around and they get into trouble together.  He knows she'll help he do anything he wants to do even if mommy doesn't think it is a good idea.  He knows to reach for her if he is stuck and she'll come pick him up.  They can both make Ethan laugh and together, they make a great sibling group!
Ethan had another double ear infection this month so he hasn't been a huge eater.  He nurses a lot.... especially at night.  He is also eating a lot of meat and loves carbs.  He will eat veggies, loves spinach, peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, and green beans.  He does NOT like fruit.  He will not eat it.  The only way I can get him to eat fruit is out of the baby food pouches that are mixed with some veggies.  I get him to drink it like a smoothie and he will.... he loves those.  He also LOVES cheese sticks!  He drinks water out of a cup and drinks milk too... he doesn't like whole milk but will drink 2%.  Overall he is a healthy, happy, and growing boy!
Sleep is still a challenge.... his first nap of the day is around 9:30 and he goes to sleep nursing.  I try to only let him sleep 30 minutes to an hour because his second nap has to happen around 1:15 so I can wake him up to go pick up Owen.  Depending on how long his first nap was, he is either easy or hard to put down for his second nap.  Again, he goes to sleep nursing.  He is hard to get to sleep but once he is there he is SO peaceful!  Night is very easy now.... thankfully!!!  I nurse him with his music on, lay him down in his crib, and I walk away and stand in the room until he falls asleep.... no crying!  I've been waiting for this!!!

What are your favorite items in the house? I love the marker drawer!  I love to carry around markers and pencils... I like to draw like by brother and sister and sometimes I draw on the table, wall, or whatever is around m e.
What is your favorite drink? Breast milk, water from a straw, and milk sometimes
What is your favorite food?  I love meat and cheese sticks.
What is your favorite toy?  I like to play with the Tupperware drawer and the pot lids in the kitchen!  I also love my play table (daddy finally put new batteries in it) and my new guitar!
What is your favorite seat?  I like to sit with Addyson in her rocking chair!  I also like to go in Owen's room and sit on his soccer chair!
Who is your favorite person? Owen and Addyson, Addyson spends a lot of time trying to get me to laugh and she is very good at it.  She also tries to pick me up which frustrates my mom. I look up to Owen and likes when he talks to me.
What is your favorite show? The tv is fun! I like it when music plays on there and I can dance!
What is your favorite thing? I love to blow bubbles in my water cup!!!!!  I also love to dance!  I bounce and shake my head and shake my arms!
What is your favorite thing to do? Put things in my mouth, I can always be seen carrying something in my mouth.  I also love to dance!  I also love being outside!
What is your favorite song? Baa Baa Black Sheep and now I like to bounce to all kinds of music!
What size clothes do you wear?  I wear 12-18 month clothes.... even though my mom tries to squeeze me into smaller clothes sometimes.... she needs to switch out my closet and realize that I'm a growing boy!
What is your favorite movie?  I love the Lorax!!!!  I will sit and watch the whole thing!  It is playing in our car right now and I turn my head around (I am still rear facing in my car seat) so I can watch it!
Our little guy thinks he is a big guy!!  He hangs with the big kids and does as the big kids do!  He is happy, independent, and inquisitive!  He is also super sweet, loves to give kisses, and loves to interact with us!  Love this little guy!!!!

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