Friday, November 9, 2012

Afternoon at the Park

The weather has been a little crazy with pockets of cold and then a day or two of warm weather mixed in.  On these nice weather days we try to take full advantage and spend as much time outside as possible wondering if it will be our last warm day of the season.
Today we headed to the park after school to play with the Dixons.  The warm weather made the afternoon so enjoyable!  The park experience for me right now is a bit different as I try to keep my eye on 3 very active kids that are running in all different directions doing different things.  I don't get to spend a lot of time socializing with my friends but that's okay.  I'm having fun capturing the kids' moments of funs and firsts!
Addyson loved going down the slide on her back and making her hair stand up!!!!  Experimenting with static electricity is so much fun!!!
Ethan has turned into a climber.  I'm not sure if you can tell from this picture or not but this "step" is off the ground by a foot or more and he climbed up there, was balancing, and SO proud of himself!
See.... he was hanging with the big boys!!!  (Isaac was also up there on the opposite side of Owen).
And he wasn't stuck!  He managed to step down and move on to other playground tricks!!!  Never slowing down.... and keeping me on my toes!!!
Addyson's favorite thing this trip was the slide!!!!  Different slides, different ways to slide down.... so much fun to be had!
And Owen spent a lot of time climbing!!!!  Here he said, "Mom, come take a picture!  This is my first time to climb up in a tree all by myself!!!"  He was very proud of himself!  From here he moved over to a bigger tree to climb with Isaac and a little girl they met at the park!  This was the perfect way to kick off our weekend!  I hope the weather stays warm and we can get out and make more memories!

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