Sunday, November 18, 2012


This was our yummy dinner tonight!!!  I was trying to use up a lot of items from our CSA to clear out our fridge before we needed room to store leftovers from our upcoming Thanksgiving feast!  We had stuffed (spinach and pine nuts) chicken breast, candied turnips and carrots, roasted green beans, and red quinoa salad.
 Favorite item on my kids' plates tonight- red quinoa salad with leeks, roasted radishes, and roasted beets!!! Who would have thought?!?!
Not only did they love the quinoa salad where they ate seconds and thirds but, they loved the whole beets that I had roasted in the oven at 450 degrees until soft.  They could put a WHOLE beet in their mouth (the little ones)
And turn their whole mouth red!!!!
I not usually a fan of playing at the table especially when it comes to playing with food... that is a BIG "no no" at our house but eating beets are just so much fun that I couldn't stop the fun.  And really, they weren't playing with their food... they were eating it....
And then checking to see what happened to their mouth after they swallowed the beet!
Beets make dinner time SO fun!!!!  And at least it helps channel all of the "energy" at the dinner table to eating instead of playing!!!
We should have beets every night if it means everyone is this happy to eat and clear their plates!!! : )

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