Monday, November 26, 2012

Doing Dishes

 Ethan is my latest child that likes to help with the dishes.... if you can call it helping......
 It is more like playing.  If he spots the dishwasher open he makes a mad dash for it, climbs up, and starts going to "work".  He'll get out dishes, put in dishes, bang things together, and
 check to see if there are any leftovers in the bowl!  Thank goodness these were clean... when they aren't it can be a bit of a mess!!!!  If you take the items away or close the door, he screams!  He loves playing in the dishwasher!
I have also learned that I have to check the dishwasher before I start it!!!!  He takes items from the house and puts them in the dishwasher to be helpful.... to mimic what I do.... and most of the time it is fine because it is a toy that could use a good cleaning but, I've found some small electronic items and markers that probably shouldn't get wet!  Hopefully I can train Ethan soon to be a bit more helpful when it comes to him doing dishes!

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