Friday, November 2, 2012

Ethan's New Trick (and other Pics)

This evening we invited our neighbors the Scotts over for a relaxing evening of fun.  It was a beautiful day so we spent the evening in the backyard!  We each brought a pizza to cook for dinner... nice and easy... that's how we like it!  I was inside monitoring the pizza and skyping my family in Canada when Owen came running in asking for my camera..... um.... what's going on?!?!
Well what was going on would have NEVER happened if I was outside.... my 12 month old would NOT be going down our fast slide ALL BY HIMSELF!!!! Okay, he is almost 13 months but still.... too big of a trick for such a little guy!!!  He sits down, scoots himself up, and then goes down, and he lands on his hiney on the ground......
and walks around to do it all over again!!!!  I couldn't believe it!!!!  Isn't he too young for this?!?  Climbing the play place by himself, going down the slide unaided, ...... it is all too much for me!!  Maybe it was a good thing I wasn't outside!
And since we were skyping Opa and Nina, they got to witness it all!!!  How fun for them!!!!
We turned the camera over to Addyson and then I couldn't help myself......
I had to step in and help Ethan..... I just couldn't bare to sit back and watch him slide all by himself.... what if?!?!
"Hey Mom, did you forget your computer and beer?!?!"
The night was fun... the perfect way to unwind from the week.  Addyson took some pictures to document the fun.
Sweet Timber.... bless her heart... she is an only child and coming to our crazy house HAS to be overwhelming but she does great tolerating it all!!!!  My kids are always SO happy to see her and start bouncing off the walls..... she just smiles and goes with the flow!!!
Mom, strike a pose!  I wouldn't usually post not so great pictures of me but I recently read an article about "where's mom"..... moms are usually behind the camera that we don't do a good job of documenting where we are in the mix, what we look like, what we are doing.... the kids are going to be able to look back on this blog and see all of the things they did and how they looked and changed and I want them to know me to and what I was doing and what I looked like so.... here I am on a comfy night with the neighbors!!! : )
Then it was time for pizza.  We sat all of the kids at the picnic table... even Ethan (for the first time)...
and Ethan thought it was better to sit ON the table to eat.... that's my boy!
and of course Addyson is there to "help" Ethan eat!!!!
Then everyone went to play and Ethan stayed to eat off of everyone's plates.... remember when Addyson use to do that?!?!  He has taken over that job... he just sits ON the table to do it!
After dinner it was time to do rounds on the slide again.... and I'm right there.... however, please notice that I'm not touching hard as it was.... I'm just there to grab him just in case!!!!
Of course he didn't need me....nope, he's a big boy.... and he was going to go do it ALL OVER AGAIN to prove it to me!
My baby boy is growing up.... he has new tricks every day.... he keeps me on my toes!!!!

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