Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Evening with my Parents

Tonight was a beautiful night and a perfect night for our pizza in the backyard tradition we do every visit with Opa and Nina!!!  The sun setting gave the perfect background, the weather provided the perfect atmosphere, and Opa and Nina provided the fun entertainment!
Nina was showing off her ball handling skills during and one-on-one game with Owen and both my dad and I had to capture the moment.... see where I get it from !!! : )
Addyson and Ethan weren't much into the soccer game so they wanted to check out our garden with daddy.... what could they possibly find this time of year?!?!
A bunch of red cherry tomatoes!!!!  Who would have thought?!?!  Just enough for everyone to have one with dinner!! : )
Addyson was so excited about her find that she braved getting trampled by the soccer players to show Nina her loot!!!
My dad!!! : )  He's a funny one!!!  He can get stuck on something and not let it go... I told him he reminds me of Owen!!! : )  He had brought the wrong memory stick for his camera so he wasn't going to be able to take any pictures and the stores will be close tomorrow (at least in the morning before the Black Friday craziness starts) so he was determined to go get one tonight!!!  And after much whining (again like Owen) I took my dad to go get a new memory stick and all was right with the world again!! : )
But before we ran to the store the guys had to play a little soccer game, Owen and Opa vs. Daddy.  Opa was lucky to have Owen on his team... that's how they won!!! : )
While the boys were playing soccer, Nina and Addyson choreographed a dance routine!  I think this was one of the sweetest things of the evening!!!  Bow to your partner....
Grab hands....
Skip in a line....
Bow to your partner again....
And march in a line.... they did this over and over again!!!  I don't know who was smiling more... Addyson or myself! : )
Ethan was doing his own thing entertaining the dogs.... with food!!!!
Here Shilo, wan'na bite?  I love how this little guy can just do his own thing inside or outside and be completely entertained!!!
This evening with my parents was the perfect way to kick start our Thanksgiving holiday!!!

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