Saturday, November 3, 2012

Farmland Adventures

Our other plan for the morning was visiting a place called Farmland Adventures.  We had tried to go here several times during the season but each trip was rained out.  Today was the last day they were open and it was a beautiful morning so we went to check it out!  We were greeted by a baby goat walking around..... that caught Ethan's eye right away!!!!
We then purchased a cup of feed and went around to feed the different animals.  Owen is super brave these days and gets right in on the fun!!!
He was feeding all different kinds of animals and loving it!
Ethan didn't do a whole lot of feeding but he did a lot of walking around and checking out all of the different animals..... wondering what they were as they looked MUCH different than dogs!!! : )
Then we loaded up on the wagon and went for a ride to feed the cows!!!  We were handed tortillas and told to tear them in strips to feed the cows.  How fun!
We were the first wagon ride of the day so all of the animals were excited to see us!!!  The chickens came running out of the barn and followed the wagon hoping for pieces of tortillas to be drop!!  We obliged them!! : )
Then the driver stopped the wagon and the cows came up to us... and the feeding frenzy began!!!  Look at the size of that tongue!!!
Ethan almost took a hit on this one!!!  Look at that!!!  And Ethan loved it!  Being this close didn't bother him one bit!
I think Ethan even had his whole hand in the mouth of a cow before I realized what was going on!!!  Addyson stayed back and watched.... she handed her tortilla to Owen to feed the cows and hung on to some of it to feed the chickens on the way back!
After the wagon ride it was time to go look at the animals again..... this never gets old for us!  Addyson is so sweet with Ethan these days, taking him by the hand and showing him around!
Taking it all in.
Ethan even got a turn to feed the goats!!!  He loved it!!  The goats kept taking his cup.... we didn't have any food left.... but it turned into a game that kept E occupied for a long time!
Next we headed to the corn pit!!!  It is like a big sand pit but filled with dried corn kernels!  I let the kids take their shoes off and get in!!!  It felt really cool to walk in!
Addyson had it "raining" corn! 
And Owen tried to make a corn angel ! : )
They also have ponies to ride.... and we took a turn (or 2 or 3) riding the ponies!!!
All this recent exposure to horses has the kids pros at it now!!!  No warm-up period need.  No help needed riding.  Nope.  Just get up and go and smile!!!
Even Ethan loved it!!!  He wanted to ride over and over again!!!  Not afraid.  He loved it!  He was bouncing up and down, chatting away, and he would keep looking at me and smile!
This guy told me that when he grows up he wants to be a farmer like Ms. Dell (with Personal Ponies).  She, as well as all of the exposure to horses, has really made an impact on him!  I know it won't be long before he is asking Santa for a pony of his own!  Oh wait.... I think he already did that!
Ethan would wave at Brad when we would walk by him!  "Hey Dad, look at me!!!"
After we ride the horses, I teach the kids to pat the horses and tell them "thank you" for giving them a ride.  I want them to respect the animals and reward them for all of the work they do to entertain us!  Addyson did it all on her own this time!  So proud!
Resting his legs to get ready to entertain the corn maze!
Off we go!!!  We did the short maze (the long one was suppose to take an hour to get through), I'm not sure if we came out the right exit but after walking for 20 minutes I was ready to be done so I was just happy we found an exit!!!  Brad says I'm a party pooper.... I don't know...corn mazes just aren't my thing..... I dread getting lost and having to carry a kid (or two) for a long time while trying to find an exit... maybe that's why I try to find a way out as soon as possible!
And before we left, we had to go say "good bye" to all of the animals!  At this point Ethan is super brave and sticking his arm in the pens to pet the animals!  What an awesome morning!  We ended up being there 2 hours!!!!  We stayed to watch the pig races and then headed home to nap!  We have had the perfect morning!  So thankful!

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