Friday, November 16, 2012

iPhone Pics of the Week

 Someone fell off his bed.... good thing it is close to the floor!!!
Headed to the zoo... not a fan of the LONG ride!!
  Mini date while we sampled yummy food at Whole Foods (kids were asleep in the car with Uncle Kellen).... we take alone time when we can get it! : )
 Baking pumpkin bars for their teachers.... let the holiday baking begin!
 Doing her homework
 Plate on head... I think that means he is "all done"!
 Trying not to let me take a picture of her cute ponytail!
 One bite for Chelsey... one bite for me....
 How he rolls!
 I think it is time for a haircut!
 This view from my coffee pot is NOT a good way to start my day..... where is my live in maid?!?!
 Playing at the mall with friends!!!
 Doggie love
 The chair is starting to shrink
 The next generation of MOMS Club kids! (Millie, Tegin, and E)
 Dinner with the Watsons
Owen made Jacob an Indian headband (a little big) like his before we went there!  I love how he thinks of his friends!

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